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  1. Yup, I know what you're saying. The same way instagram filters and squarely cropped frames has made everyone believe they're a professional food photographer. Those devices make huge differences, only thing is like all techniques they become gimmicky when overused. Even the wide open anamorphic look can get gimmicky if you know what I mean. As far as grading the GH4 you might like the following vid. The issue is that "filmic" infers to looking like 35mm film, but we're working on a digital medium. Andrew has shown the example of that horrible movie (The room) which is shot on film - not a good look. The idea is that people don't always want their videos to look like film, they just want their videos to look like there was skill behind it. And yes, grading definitely is one way of exhibiting skill. I think it makes sense for a stills photographer to use the 5D considering its such an amazing stills camera to begin with. You get amazing stills and video.
  2. These days there are so many drag and drop plugins and presets to do grading for you, I wouldn't attribute grading as being the moral of the story regarding the "film look". Obviously understanding grading and color helps, but I would insist that mastering the principles of photography dictate the real moral of the story. That, coupled with even an entry level camera is the perfect start. The "Filmic" term is ridiculous really... but ultimately what people mostly mean is: Watch a high budget movie and lets forget about narrative, score, acting and directing for the time being. Your average movie has great photography. The slick visual image is always attributed to a great DOP, using "a great camera" with appropriate lenses, access to powerful locations and a careful selection of lighting. Click record. There you have the "filmic" look. Grade it, and it looks even better. The "great camera" becomes the point of contention, but the truth is that even an old GH1 or nex 3 can still achieve that filmic look. If you think 10 years ago, a $3000 Sony PD170 could in no way achieve this look - no matter the DOP. Its ironic for beginners to spend $3000 on the best current camera, while assuming that the better sensor will make up for a lack of basic photography skill. They say it takes ten thousand hours of practice to be an expert. Thats a lot of shooting time. The truth is that even a used GH1 or GH2 for a few hundred bucks can achieve more than what most of us are capable of.
  3. I think even in 4 years the 5D still shines as an amazing stills camera, build quality and full frame retains more value - even though in 4 years it might be a bit outdated in the video realm. On the other hand, GH4 would probably be much cheaper in 4 years. I think anyone who feels so strongly that either camera smashes the other is blinded by being too emotionally involved. My eyes don't see such a dramatic difference, I think it boils down to being a matter of preference . I'd prefer go full frame - but if I had a collection of m43 lenses I'd be delighted with the GH4.
  4. I have only once worked, editing some Red footage. If the ML raw is more cumbersome and heavy... I'd definitely not be interested... no matter the result.
  5. Totally agree with you Ric. Looks like you and me might be waiting to hear about the A7s, though to be honest I'm ok waiting a good year until investing in my next body. After the GH1, GH2, nex 5 and Nex 7 I'd prefer upgrading to full frame. For now I'm just loving the progress thats happening and the speedbooster does the trick until my next splurge. I'll be following EOSHD daily, as I always did (before I decided to dive in and start posting)
  6. Nope. I hear these "video" comments when discussing cameras so often and they're really bizarrely off base. Please show me a camcorder that shoots your home videos at that resolution. Theres nothing "home video" about the GH4. The type of camcorder home videos you're thinking of have less resolution, more in focus, blown out highlights. Not remotely similar. The extra resolution is amazing. Its not a bad thing, not a video thing. You can always tone down detail through a whole array of techniques, however you cannot add resolution where there wasn't any. Where you see people using stock lenses on autofocus, without tripods or steadicams and without careful compositions - that is the shaky ugly home video you're seeing. It has nothing to do with the GH4 at all. The tests to show off resolution show what is possible, they're not meant to be film-like. If you have an aerial shot of dolphins in a clear ocean you want that resolution. If you need to greenscreen, you need that resolution. Too much resolution? You simply soften in post. Its that simple, resolution is awesome and the Gh4 is amazing. The reason a focus on people hasn't been used in these tests is because character shots are normally shot wide open, which doesn't get to emphasize the resolution as well as bricks, trees and scenery does. Is the GH4 better than the 5D with raw? They're really close. Each have pro's and cons according to your workflow and depend perhaps on which lenses you own. Your 5DMK3 is a powerhouse. Seriously, time to put that bad boy to work. Have you tried ML raw yet? I know you mentioned before that you were hesitant to try it, but its worthwhile knowing if you can handle the extra hassle for the extra DR. At the end of the day editing is a huge part as well. The biggest advantage the 5D has over the GH4 is full frame, thats about it... but to me thats a big one. I direct commercials and do documentary work. If I was to be given a gift of a choice between the 5D and the GH4 - It would be a tough decision. I travel a lot, so a compact kit is important to me... but so is full frame, low light and top end stills. Decisions, decisions. I don't need a new camera immediately so I might wait for the A7s to decide. But if I owned a 5D, I wouldn't be pondering whether I made a good purchase or not. You on the other hand, have mentioned that you're a school teacher and you've just bought the 5D in order to start doing documentary projects and are still new to both cameras and film. Honestly, you need to forget this obsession about which camera to get and the whole ML raw vs GH4 thing. Its really misdirected, as you have more than enough firepower to win an oscar. Rather buy some interesting lenses, a steadicam, follow focus, anamorphics... stuff like that to play around with. And then upload work for people to critique. Please be careful not to get too carried away at these comparisons at the cost of going out and filming.
  7. I see what you're saying richg101. It definitely makes sense - though I think Chris was just making fun of the fact that sharpness is obsessed upon through meticulous pixel peeping, only to be blurred down in order to ultimately get more character. I don't think he was being too serious, its obvious that the extra camera resolution is an incredible plus. I think the camera resolution is at the optimum level for me... I wouldn't require more for now. Next I'd rather see a global shutter remove jello so that that resolution can be equally applied to nice moving shots.
  8. Thanks Pablo... If this is true, great news indeed. Obviously more tests and comparisons need to be done before getting too excited, but this definitely is a reasonable price. I'm eagerly waiting for the announcement and sample videos like a child before christmas. :ph34r: As much as I think the GH4 looks amazing, I want a small camera for video and great stills as well. Having GH and NEX bodies - I think I've decided that my next upgrade simply must be full frame (and I'd rather not lug around a MK3). I'd rather keep investing in old primes and legacy lenses at the focal view they were intended for.
  9. Are you referring specifically to cinema lenses, generally old lenses or just stating that there are some very sharp old lenses? I agree with the logic that less contrasty is not less sharp but everyone seems to agree that for example many canon FD's are a little soft and Leica M's often have that glow... with every lens having a "personality". It seems to me that most of the "personality" in older lenses on digital bodies is ultimately some sort of reduction of that digital sharpness in some way or another. What do you think?
  10. Anamorphics will surely shine on the GH4. Maybe more so than any other camera I'd assume. The crop factor probably works in its favor. On a side note, showed a photographer / filmmaker friend of mine your site to hold off on buying the BMCC, as your reviews added some new insight he wasn't aware of. As a Nikon owner he hadn't heard of the ML hack (or the Nikon hack for that matter) but was convinced that the name EOSHD made you particularly biased to Canon. I had to run him through quite a few of your various older posts until he was convinced that the site name was entirely incidental and that this is all 100% unbiased pixel peeping and lens porn.
  11. This. I do find consumer loyalty quite funny. Not everyone is in a position to lash out on a new body every year - so its not surprising that there is a bit of that defensive (brand loyal) attitude to justify expensive purchases. I suppose thats where the resentment comes from - having spent hard earned cash on a particular camera, only to discover that there are better buys to be had. It's an inevitable reality. Thats why I always like to hear from those less biased reviewers who own multiple systems and seem less emotionally charged about their splurges.
  12. Oh yes, for sure. Using manual lenses with in body stabilization is a luxury I've never experienced. Would be awesome. I think with the low light of the A7s its probably never going to come in handy though... but a cool feature nevertheless.
  13. The GH4's resolution is mind blowing there. Really impressive. I think it will be amazing for green screen work specifically. Cinematically, sharpness is not exactly a look I would always want to go for, but you can always use lenses or post to unsharpen or add more character. Vica versa is not possible (i.e.: adding detail where the resolution isn't there) so definitely not putting down the sharpness. Amazing detail out of the box, no hack. As for the "video" look people talk about... what video cameras are people comparing the GH look to? I think often its either 30p, bad lighting, stock lenses, using all auto settings and ultimately a basic point and shoot handheld style that give these cameras a "video" feel. The whole "video look" comments are quite ridiculous really. The article wraps up my sentiments perfectly. The single hesitation I have is that its not full frame. FF is not a gimmick - it allows for wider shots to be used with lenses performing at their intended focal view. Better low - light. Shallower depth of field. I like all of these features quite considerably... making my expectations very high at the upcoming Sony A7s. I think whoever is not really needing a new camera would be sensible to wait 6 months. Now that the GH4 seems to set the standard for sharpness and detail... who knows, maybe the next 4K beast will feature a global shutter. That would be a real winner. Whatever the case, at $1700 this is very very tempting. Lets just cross fingers for the A7s as being a good FF alternative.
  14. I think Filmbrute is misunderstood here. From what he wrote, I think he's saying that professionals are making great work on cameras that may not be the best... however they're pushed to their limits to achieve awesome results. Some hobbyists may never use features that cost thousands of dollars, yet complain bitterly how these camera are inadequate. Its a true irony that in no way is done to offend hobbyists. Most of the time the enthusiastic hobbyists become professionals, or at least produce work of a pro quality. Its more of a comment on this materialist trend in consumerism to always have the best, regardless of whether its worth it, needed or even used at all. It becomes more an industry of appearances than actual artistry. This is evident by many clients who see the smaller gh2 or gh3 and assume that the filmmaker is not as pro as one who uses the 5D Mark ii. I don't think its anything to get too defensive about. If you test cars, travel or have a beautiful family, you have incredible inspiration for some amazing footage. However sometimes purchasing the best camera with all of the bells and whistles starts to become the inspiration, which is sad.
  15. If you're new to filming, you have more than enough firepower in the 5d Mark III. I would try learn more about principles of photography and film - and do some tests of your own before even dreaming of selling your 5D in order to upgrade. If you can't pull off the look you're wanting to get on a 5D - you won't get that look on any camera. Have you any video samples that you've done, where you see the results are not satisfactory - prompting you to upgrade?
  16. Damn... I would have really liked my next camera to be the A7s
  17. Well I think if I was in charge of marketing the most light sensitive prosumer camera ever designed - effortlessly turning dark into light and effectively "seeing in the dark" - I'd definitely do some more polished promotional work. Design an award winning site devoted to the A7s with downloadable full res files, hire the best videographers and do various studio tests to show exactly how this camera is so vastly superior. Marketing creativity is everything and selling a product that is a creative marketing tool in its own right, you'd expect a bit more. Well, at least I do. Its a bit bizarre that they leave it up to bloggers to do all the tests but I suppose they know what they're doing. When I create a multi billion dollar company I'll be in a position to tell them how to do things... maybe the public suspense and indepnendant parties blogging is far better PR. But then again Canon had no interest in Magic Lantern and neither did Panasonic care much about Vitaly's hack... I wonder what the guys up there in the labs and boardrooms really are thinking.
  18. Speed booster is for cropped frame sensors to replicate the FOV of a full frame. A7s is full frame - theres no using the speed booster on full frames.
  19. What do you think of this article? "8 bit or 10 bit? The truth may surprise you" http://www.redsharknews.com/technology/item/156-8-bit-or-10-bit-the-truth-may-surprise-you
  20. Im a gh1 and nex 7 owner and certainly enjoyed both for photos, but my decision as to whether to go for the GH4 or A7s would definitely take stills into consideration. Full frame and not dealing with crop factor opens up more options. at the same time, I do like the pana 20mm 1.7 and the look of the new 15mm 1.7. It's a tough decision. I'll enjoy the next few months of pixel peaking and watching tests and comparisons thoroughly. I'm just saying that if the sony is a far better stills camera, that carries some weight in my decision.
  21. I think an important factor to add in is, how good will the A7s be for stills. If you have a smaller Canon Mark 3 equivalent - you're enjoying the best quality stills camera with the best quality video camera. I think the GH4 could be lacking in that department a bit.
  22. Upstream Color shot on GH2 and voigtlanders... imagine the A7s full frame at 4k with some fast voigtlanders
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