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  1. Andrew, total bull!!! And you think that you are a filmmaker? Grow up, man! Because you own them , they are the best cameras? Haha, the best joke of 2014, is you!!!
  2. great news as always! can you make a comparison iso lowlight test of bmcc, bmpc w/ speedboosters and canon 6d w/vaf-6d? that would be awesome. thanks!
  3. New price 900 euros + shipping. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys selling my ag-la 7200 ,great condition, no scratches, glass in pristine condition, asking for 950 euros + shipping. Located at Athens, Greece.
  5. great article Andrew! when are you going to test other anamorphics as ag-la7200g with BMCC? thanks!
  6. today is Leica, tomorrow will be Hasselblad, the day after tomorrow will be ... who knows, great news guys! the manufacturers of camcorders where are they? mobile phones make great stills, dslrs shoots great video.
  7. for me 5dmkii ML still rocks! I expect something better from Panasonic if they want my money, come on guys! you have it, give it to us!
  8. for once more, they feed us peanuts and they expect to say thank you? come on! marketing departments live on another planet, they havent heard anything about european crisis, guys i havent heard anything about the price yet, after that we could really talk.
  9. Yes making a film must be an easy process, but you have to realize what a film is (for me thats more difficult than understand the "latitude" of dslrs). Having a scenario that moving people minds to another level is the key, not having the newest camera.
  10. eliasd

    WTB: GH2

    What to take care when buying a used GH2? any advice appreciated!
  11. eliasd

    WTB: GH2

    Hi guys, looking for GH2 at 600$? prefer Europe located, any ideas where?
  12. eliasd

    ag-la 7200g

    Hi guys, selling my ag-la 7200g, any offers accepted, thanks!
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