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  1. Hi, I just ordered mine, need at least a week to arrive. after i will inform You.
  2. because when I bought did not know these limitations (just know that there are no 24 and 25 fps) nikon marketing said that it can handle 60 fps... ok I tought it will be fine for rec just one sec at 60 fps and slow down... (do not have to use tvixtor, or twixtor the 60 fps source would be better result) but it  can handle 12 pictures,  (sony can rec at 60 fps) do not know that for timelaps will work just from 5 sec, etc etc..  do not know that light mesuring does not work with other great lenses and again, all of them depend on just the firmware....  usualy U get
  3. hello, I bought a nikon 1J and some switars (10,16,24 and 75mm) stil waiting for adapter for hem, so I cant test them. But I already have nikon F mount adapter and tryed with 50mm f 1.4 ais lens. so It can shoot stils at 60fps but only 12 pictures. ...shit....:) for timelaps:  under 5 sec it cant make pictures ..shit light mesure with non nikon lens does NOT work ...shit there is NO 24 or 25 fps during video mode ..shit under pal settings slowest shutter 1/100, ntsc  settings shutter 1/60 ..shit... all of them could be solved by firware update, but nikon never will make
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