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  1. Hello, I would be very grateful for your help. I did try the Unified Hack a while back and had problems when I tried to transcode the clip to ProRes (using Clipwrap) - I am trying to shoot with the GH2 and to integrate the material into a workflow that includes material from many different sources - the project will be cut in Final Cut Pro 7 using Pro Res proxy files, before conforming to Pro Res HQ masters. The clips I shot with the Unified Hack looked fine when I played them back in camera and in VLC player, but were corrupted in the Clip Wrap transcode, and indeed when I tried to import them into Final Cut Pro, that also converts AVCHD to ProRes within Log and Transfer. (They played for a few minutes and then became a continuous freeze frame.) AVCIntra is supposed to play natively within Final Cut Pro, but the files did not show as AVCIntra either - within the FCP browser they were seen as AVCHD.  I'm not sure if I did the Hack too early, as I know you did a more recent update - but I am working with the latest GH2 Firmware and would like to try again. I just wondered if you have done any tests transcoding the hacked material, particularly for long clips - as I need to be able to confidently shoot long clips in a broadcast documentary without problems transcoding... Also I am not entirely clear (being new to this... which hack to install - Is there any major diference between your 'Unified Hack' and Driftwood 'Spammybitch up' for example (both look good? - how reliable are both?)  - I am working in a 25P environment in the UK..... Thank you very much for any help on this. Best Mark
  2. Hi, yes, as mentioned at the weekend - I transcoded a five minute 88mbit hack file using Clipwrap to pro res and the file was corrupted. (a freeze frame for final minute or so). Another time I tried it Clipwrap crashed. I did also transcode using FCP log and transfer, and the movie had short 'freezes' every half second or so. I would be grateful to know how reliable this is as I was hoping to use it for a job. I have reverted to original firmware for now until further notice. I'm not exactly clear what 'format' the 88mbit hack is - and how best it should be transcoded to a pro res progressive file ? Best Mark
  3. Thanks, I will try 5D to RGB - I have fixed it so I can return to original software, but had to increment it upwards... I am not sure what the 88 patch is -is the codec supposed to be AVC INTRA ? If so, Final Cut Pro does not see it as that - only as AVCHD... Thanks, all best Mark
  4. Hello, a couple of problems I could do with help on: I just installed this patch - and recorded a test sequence. I had trouble though when transcoding - I transcoded it through 'Clip Wrap' to Pro Res - but on playback of the Pro Res file the movie stalled with a frozen frame near the end of a 5 min clip - the clip kept playing, but only with a frozen frame. (I also tried to import the test directly into final cut pro - to transcode to pro res, but it only seems to recognise it as AVCHD and converts them interlaced - I had thought the files would be AVC INTRA.. ? ) I played the original mts file in VLC player and it is fine. I tried another clip and clip wrap crashed. I also now want to return to original firmware - but this is proving very difficult. I put the firmware V11 bin file back on a newly formatted SD card - but the camera isn't interested in it. I also incremented it to V12 in the hope it would recognise a more recent firmware - but it doesn't. Can anyone explain how to do this? I hope I am stuck not being able to return to the original firmware... Thank you very much Best Mark
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