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  1. Hmmmmm.... doubt he'll get that opportunity again. And not to knit pick but as a American surfer I can't understand why Europeans don't get that surfing is surfing. Stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kite boarding are NOT surfing. Please stop calling them that. Germans especially seem to confuse kite boarding and surfing. Drives me nuts. /rant
  2. Everybody keeps asking about making the lens constant 2.8... I'd love that but it would be much more expensive as a result. What about removing the lens and giving us an EF mount so we can use our own glass? I think if Canon did that they'd find more buyers for this kit.
  3. Andy, How do you feel SLR Magic 10mm stacks against the Sigma 18-35mm plus speed booster in terms in terms of sharpness? Do you prefer the tradeoff of the SLR Magic's wideness bu to the extra speed of the Sigma?
  4. Dope! I was waiting for your ini files. What cage is that in the photo?
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