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  1. Thanks @BTM_Pix! I now have CineLike D on my GX85! Would it be possible to unlock or add the ability to shoot in the 4:3 aspect ratio in 24p 4K? The camera only allows 16:9. I can shoot video in 4:3 using the 4K Burst (S/S) mode, but that's 30p. I'd like to use my 2X anamorphic attachment using the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  2. Thank you Andrew! I just purchased the GH3 Shooters Guide. Excellent work! I also have the GH2 Guide which was very helpful to me with my GH2. I'm looking forward to reading the new guide. I just purchased a G6 recently and wonder if there's any chance you will make a G6 guide? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the info Andy. I just purchased a G6 and I'm trying to figure out the best settings for a cinema look straight off the card with little or no grading required. Are your settings best for grading in post? What I've come up with so far is 0, -2, 0, -5, natural, for a cinema look off the card. Your thoughts? Or anyone else have suggestions please? Thanks.
  4. Here's a quick lens flare test with a Proskar 2X lens and four diopters attached.  I stacked a Tokina achromatic +0.4 doublet and a Hoya close-up lens set (+1, +2, +4) on the Proskar.  My taking lens was a Pentax Auto Takumar 55mm f1.8 lens.  Panasonic GH2.     http://vimeo.com/77529401  
  5. Hi Tony.  I'd like one.  Do you still have them?   Ed
  6. I know there are many lens flare tests on Vimeo & YouTube, but I was impressed with how the Proskar did with the Auto Takumar and I wanted to share my short test.     http://vimeo.com/62594566
  7. Here are some photos I took. Let me know if you have any questions about the photos. This lens vignettes at f1.6 and even f4 without a step up ring, which I like, but at f11 you can really see the step up ring. Oh, and I also took some photos to show you how the ring looks attached to the lens. [media]http://www.flickr.com/photos/51051652@N05/sets/72157631310459714/[/media]
  8. I have the SLR Magic 12mm and also the Heliopan step up ring. There is very slight vignetting at the corners with the step up ring attached. This happens with out any filter attached. It seems like it's caused by the lens opening part of the step up ring since it extends the 58mm opening forward a bit. I hope that makes sense. I wonder if the SLR Magic ring vignettes the same way. If you want to see examples, I can snap a few. Let me know.
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