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  1. A few more video samples from the D800 are popping up on Vimeo including this one that you can download the original file. Details look pretty good and colors are really nice. Would really love to see how the GH2, D800 and 5D III compair side by side in different low light and highly detailed situations. Currently I have a GH2 and a 5D II. The logical upgrade would be to buy a 5D III, but I am greatly underwhelmed by what I am seeing from it. D800 keeps looking better, but then it is probably not the best low light solution to complement the GH2. At this point I am tempted to unload all my canon gear. Just not liking the direction the company is going. Prices keep going up, but improvements are not keeping pace. [url=http://player.vimeo.com/video/39120089]Nikon D800 original format file download.[/url]
  2. I have been trying out the 88 EOSHD Unified patch and most everything seems to work as expected, but 720p 60fps is only recording at about 15Mbit instead of the documented 88Mbit. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the patch? There is at least one other person posting simular issues. Can someone else test the 720p 60fps setting and see what bit rate you are getting? Thanks, David.
  3. I am also having a problem with 720p on the 88 patch. I can set it up as suggested and I do get 720p 60FPS, but the bit rate is only around 13 mbs. Not sure what is wrong?
  4. I have had a 5D2 for a few years and recently bought a GH2 for cheap to try out. However, I am wondering about adding a lower cost standard video camera like a Canon VIXIA HF M500, HF M4x or Panasonic HDC-TM900K to my equipment for times when shallow depth of field are not needed, light levels are not too low and better stabilization, speed and a long zoom might be an advantage. I live the SW US near national parks like the Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, etc. and huge sweeping vistas are everywhere. Would a true video camera be an advantage in these types of situations? Anyone have experience using different camera types together? How does the quality stack up if the light is not too low? Thanks in advance for any input!
  5. In your review you state that the "super flat picture profile offered on the NEX 7 but it is a disaster" and that you "dialled down to -3 across the board – contrast, sharpness and colour". Did you try it at other settings? Are there any usable settings? Or is it simply a good idea very badly implemented?
  6. Interesting review. Disappointing that the video does not hold up better to grading. I would also love to know more about your thoughts about the Nex-5n vs the Nex-7. I already have the 5n and I am wondering if it is worth spending the extra money to get the 7. Is the video quality on the 7 really better? Besides the EVF and extra controls, what are the reasons to upgrade?
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