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  1. Haha very true! 👏 I guess I saw the artefacts clear in both programs so I didnt think it was necessary to push it further to prove the point. And it was hard to push the curve in resolve! Maybe we could just drop the whole “premiere can’t cope with 10 bit” and carry on with our lives? Looking forward to trying out the S1H in a real project!
  2. I've applied harsh s-curves in both resolve studio 15 and premiere 2019. Seems like the artefacts can be found in both programs. Again, the premiere curve is harder, so the artefacts show better.
  3. Just fooling around with the picture (that I understand is in 8bit on the web), maybe the same blockiness is in there if the more extreme contrast is applied in resolve. You can see in your example that the dust/whatever it is on the right is much more contrasty in your premiere example than resolve, so obviously the premiere example is more contrasty (which will make the image brake up more than resolve's)... I just think these kind of allogations that premiere can't handle 10 bit should be investigated further and tested correctly if we should draw conclusions. Just my 5..
  4. It looks like the premiere version has a much harsher correction though? The corrections should be identical, otherwise its hard to draw conclusions.
  5. I wish it were that simple, "just expose using the traditional approach" 😁 I guess I'm not like most cinematographers then. I do my research, find the best possible way to expose the different cameras so I get the most information in the recorded files, and then take it from there. Unfortunately, different cameras require different techniques. C200 for example introduces a lot of digital ugly noise if you go with CLOG3 and expose like it says in the manual. If you ETTR after doing research about IRE-levels that are safe for color and exposure in CLOG3, then it's a different story. Cinema and noise.. Well, who's saying we are all after the "cinematic" look in everything we do? This is 2019 after all and we live in a digital world. I would not recommend using digital noise as "cinematic noise" for anyone using compressed codecs, it's much easier introducing that kind of noise in post. And if it's going up on youtube/vimeo/instagram etc, maybe adding noise isn't a very good choice at all.
  6. You will of course know when the "Right" in ETTR will damage the final image. ETTR is a common way for me using GH5 and C200, each with its own zebra-levels that make me not over ETTR - so that colors wont get skewed when bringing the exposure down. If you know what you are doing, ETTR won't affect highlight roll-off.
  7. Looks very interesting indeed! Is it possible to punch in focus while recording with that full frame sensor? =D
  8. Glad to hear you're back! Hope NAB brings a lot of inspiration, for now the camera market is kind of booring IMO. On a side note, I hope "real"/"big" medium format comes soon with video, 645 sensor size is somewhat of a APS-C version of medium format, eh? Give us 0,65x crop xD
  9. Have you seen the 120p sample movie? Absolutely aweful moaré / aliasing. It's quite stunning to see, and imagine then that Canon will sell this technology until 2020. Now lets hope for a 5DC...
  10. Great first impressions! Have you experienced the A7R II auto-focus with Canon lenses + metabones adapter? If so, have you also tried the A7S II auto focus with Canon lenses + metabones adapter? I'm looking for a camera that can take my canon lenses and take great stills, although being able to record 4k video in high quality for the odd job. Waiting for the canon 5dm4 but it seems i will have to wait forever and even then maybe the 4K won't be any good quality wize. Have been reading your blog for years, always nice insights and thoughts. Thank you! Missed you when you were gone a while recently and eager to read why the Canon 1DC had to go, you seemed to like it so much. All the best!
  11. Thanks for a great article Andrew. Wonder if Premiere also reads other formats incorrectly and if its only the "tip of an iceberg". ​Thanks for this tip! I have one as well and was wondering if that was possible.. Great to hear!
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