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  1. [quote author=TimeZone link=topic=474.msg3086#msg3086 date=1332883820] Wow, didn't know you used 32-40mb for your video encodes.  I use Media Encoder also, but have only been setting my encodes at 6-9mb, 2 pass vbr...  Guess maybe I'm losing quality?  That is the range they have seemed to suggest uploading though..  I know at times I've thought Vimeo to be soft and mushy compared to my original, so perhaps that's it. I have been using 6-9mb, 2 pass vbr. I have maximum render depth checked and also have maximum render quality checked.  Not sure if those should be or if they just take extra time for no reason? So, would you recommend I guess switching to 32-40, vbr 1pass?  Should I have the maximum render depth and maximum render quality boxes checked? Seems this will come out much larger in file size I suppose and be longer to upload.  If the quality is much improved that would be okay though.  I wonder how using 2 pass vbr changes this and seems that would allow for better quality at a lower mb target.  I guess 32-40mb is so high that a 2nd pass isn't probably needed. [/quote] Good question! I'd like to know this as well.
  2. Low light in the D800 looking really nasty in this comparison with the 5D3. And moire. LOTS of moire. [url=http://gizmodo.com/5897098/d800-vs-5d-mark-iii-which-shoots-better-video]http://gizmodo.com/5897098/d800-vs-5d-mark-iii-which-shoots-better-video[/url]
  3. Could be. [url=http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/11/2862370/canon-movie-cinema-camera-invite-las-vegas-2012]http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/11/2862370/canon-movie-cinema-camera-invite-las-vegas-2012[/url]
  4. I think what Nikon needs for them to open their eyes about video is seeing an increase in their sales of the D800 for video people. They are [url=http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Electronics-Digital-SLR-Cameras/zgbs/electronics/3017941/]#1 top seller on amazon[/url] right now. I bet a significant part of those are video oriented purchases. Lets say that, because of the video crowd buying the D800, sales increase by 5%. That's a HUGE amount of money for a flagship model from a company like Nikon. That's reason enough for them to invest in R&D for clean video with no moire/aliasing and 1080@60 (and maybe 1080@120, even if only in 1.5 crop mode), or even 4k@24, why not? All the cool guys are doing it. As noted again and again, they are the only company of the bunch that doesn't have a more expensive lineup to protect. I hope they wake up and realize that stills/video hybrid is the future, and they showed us that they CAN make good video. And not only that: Sony will come probably with the same sensor later this year, and they will not wait and see Canon and Nikon go home with their sales. They will hit hard. And Nikon also has another card up it's sleeve: it's the company with the more compatible lenses/mount of the 3, if Sony chooses the Alpha mount for their next full frame. They could even buy a company like Ninja or AJA and make a grip-like video recorder only compatible with their cameras for like $1000. Doesn't even need to be RAW video. Just give us 444 Prores and we're good. That would be THE END of Sony and Canon if they don't up their game and/or down their price. I know I'm dreaming here, and that this will probably never happen. But who knows? Wait and see Nikon gain 4-5% sales figures from the pro video market on one side, and on the other they see the Kodak nightmare happening. Those 2 factors speak a lot for an enterprise. And we're not talking rocket science here: they only need to deliver  the minimum of what people are asking for video that the others are not willing to give for $3000-$4000. Exciting times. *Sorry for my long post and for my english. I get really carried away, ha!*
  5. I called it, people!  :P Canon is DONE. Now lower the price of the 5D3, BEOTCHES!
  6. [quote author=christianhubbard link=topic=434.msg2765#msg2765 date=1332374270] if he hasnt been able to unlock true 1080p resolution for the past three years on the relatively easier to hack t2i, what makes you guys think it'll be easy if he sets his mind to it on the mk3? seriously, if it even is possible, it could take years. :/ [/quote] That's exactly what I think. Canon wont leave the 5D3 easily hackable just to see it go head to head with the more expensive lineup. And there's no reason to think they wont do the same thing they did with the 7D that hasn't even been hacked at all.
  7. I stopped reading at "16mm". With the options on the market today, why even bother?
  8. [quote author=magnifypictures link=topic=369.msg2283#msg2283 date=1331096332] so maybe im wrong or maybe its a typo but my calculations show that a 90 Mb/s video for 2.5 min should be (90/8)*2.5*60=1687.5MB. So this video is not at 90 Mb/s but rather closer to 30? I dont have vimeo plus so i cant check for certain. Either way I feel let down by this camera so far. Cant wait for the official reviews once the camera comes out. Maybe if we complain enough Canon will actually listen and fix our very realistic wish list. [/quote] One guy said this in the comments: "This is IPB footage (ave bitrate according to PPro is 27.2Mbps). PPro CS5.5 is having trouble playing this file in real-time (5D2 & other H.264 files play fine. Windows Media Player works fine too): starts OK in PPro then slows to a crawl (sequence created from clip properties). GPU or CPU- no difference (GTX285, 12 2.93Core 24GB MacPro (Win7x64)). Hopefully the I-frame footage will work better with PPro (or Adobe will quickly provide a patch). Thanks again for the sample file Tonis. Looking forward to seeing footage with sharpness at 7 (and contrast turned up)."
  9. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=368.msg2275#msg2275 date=1331088789] For the price I was expecting it to at least scale 22MP cleanly to 2MP, as the GH2 can scale 18MP to 2MP almost perfectly with resolution almost nip and tuck with a still scaled down in Photoshop. The sensor in the GH2 is clearly optimised for video. The sensor in the 5D3 is clearly not so much. A half hearted effort to add 1MP to 21MP to get even binning. Not sure what else they've changed. This is an expensive camera. And there is nothing in-between this and the C300 from Canon. It is however - and this is important to remember - possibly the best full frame camera on the market for video. But the D800 is sure to give it some tough competition now. It isn't the walk over I thought it would be. [/quote] Andrew how do you think the D800 compares to the 5D Mark II in relation to moire and low light performance? The 5D Mark II price dropped to $2.199 now, so from what you saw, is the $800 price difference worth it speaking strictly about moire and low light for video? Thanks!
  10. [quote author=moebius22 link=topic=368.msg2272#msg2272 date=1331088290] For the price it should blow the competition out of the water. It's not like the Gh2 is a new camera. [/quote] This is what I've been saying all along. I'm really unimpressed by the footage from this camera so far. Maybe when we see the stuff strait out of the camera I will be, but for now I'm waiting for the reviews. The guy from planet5d.com said he will get both cameras by the end of the month to test. I'm sure all the other big guys like Philip Bloom and Andrew will have review units by that time frame as well. Lets wait and see.
  11. I find it really difficult to judge anything from these highly compressed samples that are popping up. You people preordering are very brave indeed.  ;) Oh well, here's one more. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIAy7nf1y0w#ws]Justyna KELLEY Stay - Album Over the moon-[/url]
  12. Excuse me for my noob question, but what do you guys mean by "hackable"? I hear people talking about it and hoping Canon "leaves" the camera to be hacked. What does that mean? Does it mean that Canon might encrypt the firmware or not on purpose? Why would they leave it easy for people to hack if they are, for whatever reason, apparently capping features like clean HDMI out or 1080@60fps? I don't get it. I mean, can we seriously expect a hack for the 5D3 even though the 7D never got hacked? If Canon was successful in maintaining the 7D unhacked for so long, why don't they just do the same wizardry again? What am I missing in my line of thought? Can anyone please kindly explain this to me? Thanks.
  13. EOS 5D Mark III ISO 12800 MOVIE [url=http://vimeo.com/37879608]EOS 5D Mark III ISO 12800 MOVIE[/url] What do you guys think?
  14. In my opinion, the problem with the 5D3 is the price point. Because if the HDMI out on the Nikon happens to be killer quality, a D800 + Atomos Ninja is only $500 more than the 5D3. And we'll have a clear winner (compression wise + monitor) here for hi/mid end production. Just saying.
  15. WOW! 32 gigapixels! Take that, Nikon!
  16. [quote author=sandro link=topic=309.msg1944#msg1944 date=1329953498] It's time! Will Canon be unique and give a gh2-like video or follow Sony and Nikon with crappy video? [/quote] Unfortunately I think Canon will follow suit with this trend of not stepping up the video quality. Remember they now have the C300 and later this year they will release a 4k cinema dslr. I don't think the 5Dmk3 will be a big step in improvement video-wise. Maybe a little bit less moire/aliasing and jello, but that's it. I really hope to be wrong, but I got a feeling we will all be disappointed...  :'( Maybe Panasonic should release a super 35 chip camera too...  ::)
  17. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=243.msg1624#msg1624 date=1328324206] The client of course should be more bothered about what kind of video they get at the end of it. [/quote] I couldn't agree more, Andrew. Would be nice if [i]some[/i] clients also did. ;) Thanks for your opinion, man.
  18. I really like the image of this camera. The tone gradation is lovely. Hey Andrew, would you say this camera looks "more professional" to show up in a paid gig than, say, the GH2? I know this can be a dumb question, but unfortunately, showing up in a paid gig, looks matter too... at least for some clients. How would you compare this camera's "pro look" to a Canon 7D? Really wanna know your opinion. Love your site. Please keep it up!
  19. Nope. Only this one. Hope this will make it's way into Canon's cinema dslr later this year! I'm glad to be able to contribute to the forum.  :) Ps. Sory for my bad english.
  20. Looking good... Cinema DSLR, anyone? [url=http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PG01&s1=20120019694.PGNR.&OS=DN/20120019694RS=DN/20120019694]http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PG01&s1=20120019694.PGNR.&OS=DN/20120019694RS=DN/20120019694[/url]
  21. Guys, I think the important question here is: is that Snoop Dogg in the picture?
  22. You pre-ordered a $6000 DSLR primarily for video when there is the Sony FS100 for $4700 (B&H)? Why? This is not a cynical question. I really wanna know.
  23. Nice! Is that a 16x9 screen? And what do you think that "RATE" button is for? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  ;)
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