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  1. I noticed the presence -albeit slightly- of aliasing in the corners of the blocks. Oh well, I guess we can't have everything...
  2. I have a noob question: the compressed raw formats require a more powerful computer to edit and grade than the raw files that come out of the 5d3?
  3. What about the 7D? How is the hack going with that one?
  4. For me this is a done deal. Saving my pennies. Now we only need a product like a Ninja recorder/monitor that takes in both hdmi for prores proxy + some kind of adapter for the CF card to the SSD inside the device. It's not even rocket surgery. When they make this next year or so they're gonna be riiiiich!
  5. It's funny seeing people talking about Canon freaking out about this. For me it's obvious they saw it coming. The folks at Magic Lantern have been hacking the Canon cameras for years now. And then, out of the blue, they find a "hidden" feature in the camera left there by "accident" because Canon would never imagine anyone would find it? This is the only way Canon would evolve the specs on their cameras. Us, the low budget enthusiasts will buy tons of cameras, the pros wont compromise on reliability and will continue buying the expensive toys. Everybody will continue buying Canon glass. Anyone daring trying to undercut them will suffer, just like Black Magic. It's a win win win for Canon. Kuddos to the ML guys for making this happen. You guys are so awesome that Canon was counting on you to do this. I'll be donating and hopping this comes to the cheaper models as well. I'd sell my 60D and get a 7D or 5D2 in a heart beat. Even though I'd miss the rotating screen. :)
  6. Andrew, great review as always! Any chance we'll see peaking on a hack soon? Do you happen to know anything about hack development in this regard? Cheers!
  7.     Panasonic better up their game with the GH4, or I'm afraid there wont be a GH5.
  8. Blackmagic just exposed (again) the entire camera industry. This is what Panasonic should have done to beat Canon and Sony, but didn't even bother to try. I hope they can manage demand better this time around. We need them to.   This is history in the making. I'll buy one when it's available. I can wait.
  9. [quote name='TJB' timestamp='1348518379' post='18992'] Yeah, I agree. More Pocahontas! There's something about her.... I don't know what it is...... I wish I could but .....[b]I just can't put my finger on it.[/b] I doubt that she lies awake at night wondering about moire and aliasing. :wub: [/quote] I see what you did there... Andrew, thanks for all your work on Photohontas, I mean, Photokina. Now please interview Pocahontas. The aliasing should appear on her hair. Do it for the sake of the film-making community. We need this, man.
  10. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1348140944' post='18675'] I have a LOT more of Pocahontas thanks to SLR Magic's new prototype F0.95 lens ;) [/quote] A tear of joy streams down my face at this moment. Thank you Andrew. Thank you Panasonic. God bless America.
  11. I'm very worried about skin tones. Will we be seeing more pictures of Pocahontas, Andrew?
  12. Andrew, when I try to follow you on twitter, I get this message: You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user. So I guess no twitter updates for me... :/ Btw, my twitter account is @tunggah if you'd care to follow me so I could try to follow you back... Thanks!
  13. Forget the A99. The VG30 is looking goooooooooood! My next cam for sure! The VG900 is a beast too! But too expensive for me to justify it for my needs... Sony, I love you! Suck it, Canon!
  14. [quote name='HellKat' timestamp='1345303087' post='15987'] Although I agree with a number of things you mentioned in your critique of part 3 (in particular, where you talk about endless reminders about the importance of creativity which BTW often look like mantras lacking any sunstance), I think the overall tone of your blog post (and your advices) are not appropriate. Part 3 does not confirm your major leitmotif regarding GH2 - not a surprise, you do not like it. Here is a piece of advice for you - next time you do what Zacuto did with their overall excellent and amazing effort by its scale and contribution to the filmmaking community, and then we'll see if you are up to the challange yourself. To finish on a positive note - I respect what you do and check your blog almost every day. Equally, I respect your contribution to the community (even if I sometimes disagree with all your biases). But, man, learn your place. [/quote] Wow! Are high or something?
  15. I see no need for this kind of tone in the response. People WILL ask these kinds of questions. Better get used to it. Not cool, man.
  16. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1344521561' post='15202'] See, there are options and it isn't the end of the world because of the Alpha mount unless you have tons of L stuff that you can't afford to swap out for the Alpha equivalent. I do agree that the biggest obstacle to Sony's success in the pro market for photography is indeed that people are locked into vast investments in Canon and Nikon glass. If I were Sony I'd make the SLT assembly and Alpha mount detachable from a new mirrorless full frame mount. Essentially imagine the NEX SLT adapter as part of the camera, and it comes off when you need to put on a Canon or Nikon mount instead. [/quote] That's indeed a great idea. How do you rate the legacy Minolta primes against the Nikon AIS stuff? Are they on par? Better?
  17. The "problem" I see with the Sony is the mount. Forget about using inexpensive Nikon AIS glass... and Alpha lenses is hard to come by here in Brazil, at least at reasonable prices anyways. Andrew, what do you know about the GH3? Any info on that?
  18. It was supposed to be funny. I guess my english isn't that great tonight... :)
  19. The brunette's legs prevented me from accurately analyze the comparison. I call bullshit on this one.
  20. [quote author=Josh link=topic=770.msg5599#msg5599 date=1337821415] The major problem I have with the D3200 is the noise performance. After testing, I've found that even ISO 400 is extremely noisy. [/quote] Ouch! That looks like ISO 6400 on my 60D. Really disappointing...
  21. Lets hope Sony continues this mindset with their full frame offer later this year. At least they could match Canon/Nikon with video features and quality.
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