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  1. Spoiler Alert! Now, you may rename your site to alfahd. What if A7RII has the best in detail, resolution, low light, DR etc .. BUT can she cook? Is this cine-like enough? Is it hollywoodish or organic enough like the 1DC? I Dont think so.
  2. I've downloaded the original file and find the colors very adorable in Lisbon's Light clip. Usually I do not like Samsung, but the NX1 seems like very solid one. Could you tell us how much time is needed to garding usually? I know it's depends on camera / codec / style, but in general in a 3-4 minutes long clip, how much is? Also love the EF 135/2, one of the greatest lens from Canon. Nice to see from You not writing out Canon. It's always all about price/value... Thanks!
  3. Yes I know its meaningless and there is no FF lenses from pana, and they wont make it to use other manufacture's mount, but it will be good to see.... Maybe one time.
  4. Only thing i want to see from Panasonic is a FF GH camera with all the FF advantages. I want to see its performance right now. THAT will be a game-changer more all-rounder camera than every other under (or above) 3000$ atm.
  5. Yea,,, happy Fool's day to You guys too. :D
  6. Dear Uli   Yes, i follow eosHD and saw the posts about Nikon, but i have some friend having a few canon L series lenses, so its 0 chance to go for nikon. And also i need some manul function nikon doesn't have, but thanks for reply! :)
  7. Thank You guys!   Do i recognize corretly You dont agree with buying GH3?   I've used the GH2 before with hack, i liked that, but the WB wasnt the best. I think the new GH3 better in this area, the noise is better too (even the GH2 has finer noise) and acceptable and cheaper than 5D3. And of course i think the AC90 is dropped :)
  8. Hi everybody!   Need some good advice. I've decided to buy a camera for free-lance film making.   What i need:   - 95% for film making - excellent low light performance - superb colors - maximum details in shadows - fast one - not so expensive... :)   I wanted to make also commercial-like films and short promotional clips to Hotels with girls in room or something like that for example Miss Hotel xy, etc.(dont joking...).   One of my friend mentioned me Panasonic AC90. Is it a good camcorder? Can it be better than GH3 or 5D3? Any advice can be useful. Wait for Your replies!   THANKS! (sry for my english) Balázs
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