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  1. Most intelligent adults should be able to separate the interest in a new camera and it's strengths and weaknesses from the skills it takes to actually make a quality visual image and a film that touches the emotions. To say that a cameras image is filmic is somewhat silly since it's just a light capturing box and what you put in front of the sensor and how you edit the images you film will greatly impact the end result perhaps more than the camera itself. Still you want the best starting point you can get. You use the right lenses and have a really good camera it gets you closer to wha
  2. I have a Canon 50D and IMO ML RAW isn't so bad to deal with if you prepare for the workflow. It's not so hard to convert the files to ProRes or DXnHD and work from there in 10bit. IMO the image is just soft enough to be more flattering and the color is excellent. I would love the GH4 down the line, but for right now there's no rush. NONE of my clients would even appreciate the differences. It all depends on what your needs are. Basically we have some really good options for making quality images.
  3. I still give Nikon a bit of credit for the new D5300.  They added 60p and I have hope that the low light Noise Reduction is improved and they solved the fixed pattern noise.  If so that camera will offer some good bang for the buck.  I think it would be a good candidate for Nikon to base a Cinema Camera on.  Tho i'm sure some would suggest the FF D610 perhaps.  Either way they have some good candidates for taking just a few small steps to come up with a Cinema Nikon just like they made the Df photo focused camera, they could make a Nikon focused on video.  Perhaps
  4. Nikon has used sensors form Toshiba and Aptina, so I doubt Sony would really be able to dictate to them what they can and can't do.   I do consider what Nikon has done actually pretty decent.  The Clean HDMI out is useful along with an Atomos Ninja.  That was so important that Canon felt compelled to copy them.  The D7100 and D5200/5300 are great value.  With just a touch more attention to Cinema needs they could easily produce a winning camera based on their low and mid range DSLR's.
  5. I think it's the conservative culture that all those companies have. Olympus, Canon, Nikon seem like they can't get out of their own way. A lack of vision about a market they don't understand.  The small independent film and video market is HUGE in the U.S. alone.  Thing is these companies don't seem to have a clue.   These DSLR film guys often buy more than one camera so they have a bigger footprint than their numbers would suggest.  Especially since no single camera solves all needs.  For me a Cinema Nikon might get me really close.  The Sensors in Nikon's
  6. I just don't understand Nikon.  Clearly they have the kind of opportunity to grab a nice piece of the market with minimal effort.  I have very high hopes for the Nikon D5300 as crippled as it is by not having a headphone out and aperture control in live view, still they added 60/50p and it's got a strong sensor and new Expeed 4.  If they get the noise issues sorted out with the new Processor that would be a very strong VDSLR.   Just imagine if they took the step to make it a true cinema camera?  It's not a big step at all to go there based on where it's at already. &n
  7. IMO BM is our friend.  A company giving the public a product that is of high value and closer to the wishes and desires of the end user than many other companies have been producing.  I wish them well with their product line.  I personally just jumped on the Magic Lantern 50D bandwagon.  The low cost and overall value is extremely high IMO.  I was originally saving for a BM Pocket, but I thought about the Sensor size of the 50D and also the ability to record in 4:3 or 3:2 on the 50D for my Anamorphic needs and I went that way.  It's not a worry since the 50D was s
  8. I think the Camera makers need to make a decision for the future.  They need to stop thinking in the past.  Kodak failed to move for the future.  Apple made decisions that ensured that they had a meaningful existence beyond the Computer.  These companies should be thinking modular and more about how the public actually uses their products.  That's the one thing I like about what Black Magic Design's approach which is more like Apple in it's thinking.  They have a beginning of an ecosystem of hardware and software.  I think they've made some mistakes, but the
  9. Got 2 Komputerbay 32GB 1000x cards but one is dead.  The other is working and getting up around 82MB/s as the test stated.  Very pleased so far.  It was fairly easy to load it up.  I had my son help me since he had loaded ML on his T2i long ago.  Weather has been bad so I haven't really shot anything, besides it's gonna take me time to figure out all of this ML added features.  It's a bit daunting how much new and very technical information there is.   My main purpose for getting the 50D is the ability to use the different aspect ratios and in particular so
  10. I have your Anamorphic guide, which has helped me immensely, but haven't bought the 5D3 RAW guide yet.  Do you think you'll need to make an addendum for the 50D or is it pretty much the same deal as the 5D3 and I only need that guide to get going with the 50D?    I must say that I never really was interested in the 50D, but i'm shocked at the build quality of this camera.  It's so far from what i'm used to with my T2i and GH1, which are much smaller and cheaply made.  I have a battery grip on the 50D and i'm gonna have to lift weights to get my wrist strong enough to
  11. Thanks for the info Andy600.  There are an increasing amount of users of ISCO Anamorphic Projection lenses that are listed as 2X but are actually 1.75x.  It would be great if someone added that option.  It may not be necessary.  I'll see when my CF cards get here and I can test.
  12. To me the beauty of RAW on the 50D is the low entry price and high quality.  I think it's more of an indie film making tool than ENG type tool.  I wouldn't choose it over my other cameras for shooting a long event like a concert, tho you could.  I think this is more like a Black Magic Cinema Camera as opposed to an EX3.  I can't wait to get my CF cards so I can test this thing with my Anamorphic lens.    Does anyone know if it's possible to add another Anamorphic stretch ratio like 1.75x?
  13. I for one appreciate everything that the ML team is doing to advance this tech.  I just bought a 50D and i'm waiting for my CF cards.  My aim is to use the 50D for Anamorpic shooting.  I also appreciate this article even the info being a bit behind the rapidly moving development doesn't bother me.  I am bothered by the constant complaining.  Being old enough to remember when everything was analog I can appreciate how amazing all of this is.  It's so early and still there are those who show such a lack of patience or desire to do research.  It's all part of th
  14. Apple isn't for everyone, but if you don't want to fuss around with things and just want something that works... this will do the job.  Of course barring any issues that are unforeseen, but really Apple has been extremely successful with their products, with only a few missteps along the way.  This system looks like a very serious turnkey solution for many users out there.  I've never understood the MacBashers out there myself, but that's their problem.  It took Apple some time to develop their new MacPro but it's as expected a serious product with a ton of thought put into
  15. How long does it take before you can shoot another burst? Any test on how long you can shoot bursts, wait and then shoot again in repeated fashion?
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