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  1. @EOSHD Andrew, I notice you have responded to a more recent post but haven't clarified  what you meant by the line "In its factory guise whilst not quite as clean as the Canon C300 or Sony FS100, it is the best DSLR for low light shooting (though the Nikon D5200 puts up a good fight)." Do you mean the best "value" as opposed to "highest performing"?   Either way, you really should address how you feel it measures up against the 1DX, 1DC, D4 and D3s since those are all DSLRs as well. For instane you mentioned thinking the 1D C outperformed the C100 in a previous post - which h
  2. And just to be clear, I was very surprised that Canon did not include the six-digit ISO video support on the 1D X/1D C, etc. that they did in the 1DMk IV and had to get it confirmed by a Canon representative last summer. http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/943-canon-1dx-v-canon-5d3/#entry14136
  3. The D4 video is generally considered soft when using the full sensor, but that criticism is not frequently leveled when the footage is shot at a crop instead. And we aren't talking about overall quality - if the original statement was "combination of lowlight performance and detail" then it might be a bit less controversial as a statement. But the D4 is currently the only commercially available camera that shoots video at ISO 204,800 and that means that whether it does so well or not... it literally has no competition at the highest ISO (unlike stills, where the 1D X comes into play). The
  4. @EOSHD Andrew I'm about to read the rest of the article but the line " In its factory guise whilst not quite as clean as the Canon C300 or Sony FS100, it is the best DSLR for low light shooting (though the Nikon D5200 puts up a good fight)." needs to be updated, since it is factually inaccurate if not qualified.   The 1DX, 1DC , D4 and D3s all offer superior high ISO performance and the D4 and D3s stretch their max ISOs further than the 1DX in video mode. Now the 5DMkIII may be the "best DSLR for low-light shooting under x number of dollars" or the best combination of certain features in
  5. Definitely interested in seeing how this ends up pricing. Great to see development in this area.
  6. @bruno @jgharding The compromised shutter speed did have a negative impact on visual quality but whether there was "more" or "less" motion blur depends on whether you are thinking of it as a 24 fps or 48 fps film. I agree, it's less than 180 degree for 24 fps but for 48 fps there was actually too much motion blur for the framerate (since it was greater than 180 degrees). Honestly, though, having seen it in theatres in 4K HFR 3D, part of it in 4K 24 fps 2D and part of it in 2K 24fps 3D, I would have to say that I really thought the look improved at the lower framerates, even accounting for
  7.   Having seen him in Love Actually andThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as well as The Office, I never tied him to a particular franchise. So that's at least one thing I won't have to worry about. :)
  8.   An apparent focus of this website for some time (and one that interests me) has been the relationship between current inexpensive gear to both upcoming technology/products and to more expensive gear that is (or has been) used in higher budget productions. High-Frame-Rate (HFR) is something that indie-shooters need to make a conscious decision about, just as they have with 3D. Shooting 4K 48 FPS currently requires over $9k of equipment, but shooting 50 FPS or 60 FPS is possible on many inexpensive cameras (either at 1280x720 or 1920x1080, depending on the model). So indie-shooters
  9. The comments about attentionspans, video games and frame rates are pretty much universally missing the point.   At Thanksgiving I was talking to my 18 year old brother about video games, movies, etc. He had never been educated on the frame rates involved with various formats but he made a comment about how much he disliked watching movies on his friend's TV - using several disparaging analogies, etc. When he described the phenomenon, I was able to piece together that his friend's TV had motion-smoothing and explained how that worked. It was like a lightbulb went off for him and he could u
  10.   Just to be clear, it is the use of motion-smoothing (or other forms of interpolation) to playback content at higher frame-rates that creates the effect you seem to be referring to. A higher refresh rate does not create that on its own.   Higher refresh rate = Reduced flicker. Higher frame rate = The complex set of variables that people usually discuss. I personally prefer my movies at 24 FPS in the U.S. (I have no problem with native 25 FPS content in Europe either) and I dislike the use of motion-smoothing in playback. But I do not mind high refresh rates on a display monitor -
  11.   @bruno Yes, it would almost seem as if I was talking to a different person... which I was. I had just typed the wrong name. Sorry about that. :) Fixing it now. It should make more sense in a minute.
  12. @EOSHD Andrew, that was one of your best blogs to date. Kudos. I mean I'm sure lots of us have small differences of opinion about some of the analysis, but you put so much great information into this one and often did a good job of clearly indicating what was fact vs opinion that I really can't see how anyone interested in the topic could fail to benefit for reading it. I personally I'm really looking forward to the C500 (the image quality I'e seen so far has been so very good) but this was a really good blog - if we nominated our favorites for the year, this might be it for me.
  13. [EDIT: There was a typo before so this was directed at the wrong person.]   @endlos You want to know why those apps are not getting the attention the BMCC is? Because with the BMCC you are talking about expanding a segment of the pro philosophy, workflow, paradigm and quality into a much lower price range. It's about asking people to do more with their images, asking prosumers, amateurs and indie people to take advantage of a new opportunity to work like their higher budgeted peers would (or to adopt a variant of that approach) in regards to getting a bit more serious about color, detail
  14. Also, Happy Thanksgiving Andrew. Thanks for being one of the first places to mention a lot of technology and for all the effort that went into the recent BMCC comparison. :)
  15. [quote name='EOSHD'] [color=#333333][font=Helvetica, Arial, FreeSans, sans-serif][size=3]The specs are certainly high end for digital cinema well into Red Dragon / Arri Alexa territory.[/size][/font][/color] [/quote] When I read that, I was prompted to write this blog post, so I hope you'll take my disagreement in the light-hearted tone it is intended rather than as something personal. I enjoyed reading your post, it's just that line didn't seem to come our right. :) I agree that the sensor has potential for a low-cost 4K S35 camera and that it would be a good thing
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