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  1. Some disagree.... http://robinwong.blogspot.com.br/2015/03/olympus-om-d-e-m5-mark-ii-vs-e-m1-video.html
  2. [quote name='3D-Kraft.com' timestamp='1349023846' post='19246'] The 12mm/T1.6 is available in two versions turning into opposite directions. Those who are interested to see how the new lenses perform on APS-C and full frame may have a look here: [url="http://www.3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129:almost-perfection-1st-test-of-a-slr-magic-hyperprime-cine-35mm-t095-prototype&catid=40:camerasandlenses&Itemid=2"]http://www.3d-kraft....lenses&Itemid=2[/url] [/quote] [quote name='slrmagic' timestamp='1349023901
  3. Hope these lenses have their focus ring turning to the 'right side', unlike the 12/1.6. This made me choose Oly 12/2 over slr magic's 12mm.
  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for all the information you are providing us. Just a sugestion, try to find out when the 35-100 will be available for purchase! :ph34r:
  5. Here is a really low budget one...  ;D http://vimeo.com/36355836
  6. What I don't understand is WHY THE HELL they included that bizarre tube for the lens mount, instead of making a lot shorter lens-to-sensor distance, allowing us to use MUCH MORE avalilable lenses.... WHY WHY?!?!??  :-[ When will the TUBELESS version be available??
  7. Sorry to disagree with you guys but I'm VERY satisfied with my Gitzo combo G2180+Gt0541+Acratech as second/small tripod. It weights only 1.6kg, measures 60cm when closed and I feel it's solid like a rock. On the legs the hook at the bottom of the column helps adding weight like hanging your backpack on it. It's possible to invert the column and make real ground level shots and that's amazing! Also the head is a joy to use. Weighting only 0.5kg it's a good improvement when used on my slider, the reason why I bought originaly. I had Manfrotto in the past and already test
  8. I was surprised with the main image of the post, as my walkaround tripod includes this fluid head. 8) Just to share, my delicious 1.6 kg combo is made of the Gitzo G2180 head, Gitzo GT0541 legs and the Acratech leveling base (1117), that works very well. Of course it's not a cheap combo and the fluidness of the head does not compare to my FSB-6 from Sachtler but I like it a lot!! The carbon legs are very light and make ground level shots possible, with the column inversion. I also use the head with my slider and the independent pan and tilt locks are very usefull. I recomend!
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