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  1. Blackmagic NEEDS to fulfill the majority of orders for BMC pocket camera before August 15 OR: they will be finished soon as camera company, I mean go back making stupid software/hardware that nobody wants. I dont care if they need to sign a pact with a Devil, sell their babies, whore out their wifes/girfriends or sell their kidneys on black market but they need to keep up with their promises...Nobody is going to wait even 2 f*cking months! The world is moving too fast these days! They're shooting themselves in the foot. Hope you understand my black humor. Haha lol
  2. Looks like someone stole Lumix's show.Unfortunately,the sales of GH3 are very dissapointing. Most still photographers will never buy this camera,there are much better options for less money like Olympus OM-D in m4/3 format. There are even better APS-C cameras.I think it's too little too late. ;)
  3. Stair stepping is due to upscaling. I shot some slow motion footage yesterday and video looks just fine.I really like Nikon V1's 1080p mode,it's quite cinematic looking with right cadence even though it's 30p.
  4. or maybe Canon sponsored "newbie" trolls... :angry:
  5. I don't care about RED. It's the most hated company in the world besides Canon.
  6. [attachment=363:R1060046.JPG]Do you think Canon will be upset looking at my heavily modified/hacked mirrorless M42 mount 5DII ? :D
  7. I thought it would be in $1000 range since it's made in China.
  8. What about Samsung WB850F with 4k sensor that you blogged some time ago? Regards,M
  9. Andrew, Can you post any video test footage from NX20? Thanks.
  10. I would rather use my 16 or 35mm cine camera than "expensive HD cam".Something like Beta SP is more than enough for most of the "video junk" we see on tv everyday. :P
  11. I think someone posted a test clip on vimeo recorded to Atomos ninja from HX9V's hdmi. I think that moire and aliasing will be worse on RX100 than HX9v,considering increase in sensor size & mpix. Sony HX9v was fine but not excellent in this aspect.
  12. Someone please tell Sony to stop making 60p video mode.Only soccer moms & dads will want this.And that is their market methinks. Where's 30/24P? It's just really annoying...
  13. Samsung NX20 NX210 and NX1000 cameras share exactly the same sensor and video mode.Samsung is known for pretty bad aliasing on their previous NX cameras,so no surprise there.Is moire and aliasing worse than on Canons? I still wanna try my Olympus 12-60mm Four Thirds lens on NX20 or 210 camera.Maybe add a Cinemorph and anti-aliasing filter...Prices will drop fast, NX20 is already $975 online.
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