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GoPro 3 Black Edition

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Back when this thing was released I was in Best Buy. It was satudday and I was shopping for other things and noticed gp3 silver and white on the shelves. I remarked to salesman I was surpised because it had only been anounced for a few weeks. The guy said, "Yeah, they came in Thursday. We have a few more, we had black, too but it already sold out." He looked had a big grin waiting for me to ask, "Wow, they weren't even announced that long ago, you must not have recieved very many, ealy production amd all." He took a deep breath for dramatic effect and said, "We got 57". I said in amazement, "57 black or 57 total?" He said, "Black" I responded with the expletives he was looking for.

Now I just went to Ebay and noticed fhey are selling for 100-150$ OVER MSRP.

Wow. Now that's marketing!

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras

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