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GH4 External Monitors (4:3 Anamorphic)


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Hey guys,

Hope all is well.

Been experimenting with the new 4:3 morph mode on the gh4.

I run the feed through to a Marshall 5" external (VLCD51) and has been fine for run and gun for the last year or so.

Ever since updating the firmware 2.2 I cannot get the monitor to display.

I get a message saying 'Anamorphic (4:3) Enabled" and I cant get rid of it.

I have played around with the HDMI out settings on the camera, obviously setting it to downscale to 1080p. 

The weird part is if i turn off the 'info display' in the HDMI out settings I can get a picture on the monitor but as soon as i hit record it goes black again...

Super frustrating as I want to use the new 4:3 on a upcoming job but simply cannot deal without a monitor.

Who on here has been using 4:3 mode with a external? please state which ones are working.


Also tried to touch base with Marshall re firmware update for the 5" and had no luck. 



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