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Highlights clipping on the new XAVC S - Sony a6000


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Based on very early tests, yes, there appears to be a lot of usable detail above 100%.

One annoying thing about this is it does make the zebras less useful if you're using them for expose-to-the-right shooting (ie set them to 100+ and expose so that zebras only show in the centre of bright highlights with no detail). I have them set to the highest setting (100+). IIRC all of the sky was zebra-ing in the below shot, and there's clearly usable detail there (so if you normally shoot with zebras on 80%, you should probably set them to 100+ to get an 80% effect). They should give us as a "120+" zebra setting (on the other hand I suppose it's nice to have some lee-way if you think you have accidentally over-exposed).



Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 15.35.25.jpg

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You should read the comments for that article, eg:

Certainly in FCPX no data is being thrown away, and it's just a case of bringing the highlights down about 8 percent. If you look at the scopes in the shot above, there's no clipping there, the detail in the 100-110% range is fully recoverable.


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Working fine in Vegas, no difference in clipping vs AVCHD. I am happy to see an actual improvement in the image with the new codec, looks like they made an additional tweak other than just the new codec, the image more organic and the a6000 edge harshness/artifacting ...

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