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GH4:C4K (4096 X 2160) or UHD (3840 X 2160)?


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Hi there,

I have a few concerns about what 4K format to use to shoot a feature length documentary film.

I'm using a GH4 and am undecided on what format I should choose. The plan is to edit the footage in a 4K timeline, and then export the film in 4K as well as UHD and 1080p.

The reason I want to film and export C4K is because the film is going to, eventually, participate to festivals, and there will be cinema screening. But of course I'll need to export HD, for TV screening, what happens then? You just export it as it is, or need to crop it for a 16:9?

Also a bit confused on frame rate, 24 or 23,976, or just 25p. 

Thanks in advance for any replies

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Slightly more of an aesthetic choice. C4K gives you a wider aspect ratio -- not necessarily the best choice for most docs unless they are landscape heavy. The reality of festivals is there is no practical different between C4K and UHD from an audience perspective and getting in is a huge, huge crapshoot. Focus more on your delivery. If you see a lot of people watching it in 1080P, then UHD scales better to that as it is a simple multiple of that resolution. Your exports will be easier. Also, if you see Youtube or Vimeo as 4k outlets, find out what resolutions they support -- I think UHD rather than C4K. Also, most television screens are formatted for 16X9 UHD. Otherwise you letterbox

So basically, if you're asking, then that means UHD is your best bet. If you are in Europe 25P is better, in the US 23.97

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