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cheap method for tracking shot and dolly shots on the GH2


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Cheers for your answer.

I have the kit lens aswell, but i am not sure if its heavier than a canon fd lens.

I dont like the gh2 internal microphone that much and would like to put the rode mic on the camera. I aswell have the lumix 14mm f2.5 lens which is really small and light and that should work with the rode mic.

edit: i just took another look at the website of the the hague camera accessoires: They offer another solution aswell which supports heavier dslrs, also heavier than the gh2. For the mmc you can use additional weights so it supports up to 1,25kg and thats a weight i certainly wont cross.

Well i will try it out, i can always sell the hague mmc on ebay later.

Thanks for your advice, i will look at the documentary. After your post with the stalker montage i started looking closer at some movies i really like and saw how my memory had cheated me. There are many powerful scenes which are not perfect on a technical level.
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