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good and cheap 12 or 14mm lens for GH2


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i am looking for a good and cheap 14 mm lens. 12mms would be good too, but there dont seem to many options.

So far i got the kit lens (14-140mm), canon fd 35mm f2 N, 50mm 1,8 and the 85mm 1,8. I tried to go with the Canon FD lenses so i dont have to buy too many adapters, but i cant find any 12 or 14 mm lens there.

Any help appreciated! thanks!
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cheers for your help caver. I was just thinking, if i have a set of perhaps like 5 good primal lenses, then i dont need the zoom lens, which is relatively slow, anymore.

But i guess it has good stabilization features aswell. I will keep it for the moment and use it with my canon fd lenses...
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