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Paulo Teixeira

Demo of my channel

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A lot of people are doing promotional videos that are describing their channel and I sort of never bothered to do one. My channel isn't really organized anyway. Just have mostly random clips and events that I'll sometimes record.. Well, recently I said why not, let me do one for the heck of it. Just take a lot of my finished YouTube clips, put it into my Premiere Pro project and see what my brain can come up with. I do have a lot of other videos on Vimeo but this was only to use stuff that I have on YouTube.


First things first was to decide how the sound should be. Should I keep the original sounds, should I keep it muted? or should I find music for the background? OK, so I decide to look for Creative Commons music and during the first few minutes of searching I found one that I'll use rather or not it's really ideal for my piece. Next step would be to decide how the heck I'm going to edit these clips together. Once I got the music on the time line, I said to myself now that I'll be using background music, I could put 2 to 4 clips on the same scene if I wanted to.


I also did it for the fan finder program of YouTube even though I don't have over 1,000 subscribers so the chances of this video getting selected are ultra slim. Doesn't hurt to try anyway since you never know. It's claimed that the first 5 seconds are very important, well, if the people aren't into fire performances.than I can see them wanting to click away but I thought it was cool to have and some people might be into it. It's also mentioned to make sure your piece is not too overwhelming with images. I guess I got a bit too carried away while editing and possibly put too many scenes all over the place. Then it's claimed that it's good to be under a minute. Well, my piece is nearly 2 minutes in length.


Theirs probably some more rules I've broken but ah well. I decided to not spend too much time editing it and upload as is. In the future I'll re-edit it and make it more organized.

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