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Berthiot Hypergonar aka Baby Hypergonar all set for sale


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As I’m retiring from the video making world, I’m selling my gears and equipment. Among this equipment I’m selling in this post my full set for and with a Berthiot Hypergonar (aka THE Baby Hypergonar).
With the help of a friend, an active member of this forum, ressources I have found here on EOSHD and on the Anamorphic Facebook group, I’ve been able to pull a very nice set for this gem a few years ago. For that reason I decided to annonce the sale here and on the Anamorphic Facebook group at a fix price, a few days before puting it on ebay.
Feel free to contact me for any question or enlightenment concerning this set.

The set :
The set is composed of :

- Taking lens : Helios 44M-4 58mm F2
- Housing/Clamp : Metal jacket by redstan
- Anamorphic lens : Baby Berthiot Hypergonar
- Rangefinder : SLR Magic Rangefinder

Anamorphic lens :
Berthiot Hypergonar aka Baby Hypergonar
Working condition : very good (considering this is a vintage lens). No fungus. Few cosmetic scratches on the metal body witnesses of time. No scratch on glass.
One of the smallest anamorphic lens available.
1.75X crop factor
Weight : 45grams


Anamorphic housing/clamp :
Metal Jacket specially made by redstan for this lens
Heavy and robust metal to safely house the Baby Anamorphic.
Comes in 2 pieces :
1 - The red part act as a bolt and is made to screw the anamorphic lense into it, once inside the black part. Once attached, the red part (and therfore the anamorphic) can be turn for beeing oriented and then fixed with a screw.
2 - The black part (housing) protect the lense. It is 72mm front filter and 52mm back filter.
Weight : 210 grams


Taking lens :
Helios 44M-4 58mm F2. This lens is an M42 mount.
Note if you are an EOS/Canon camera user, a M42 to EOS silver adaptator can be provided for a few more euro (not inclued in final price below)
Working condition : very good (concidering this is also a vintage lens). Very few cosmetic scratches on the body. No scratch on the glass. A few spots of dust, inside the lense could be visible in bright light at naked eye that become invisble once on camera.
Iris is in F stops with notch.
Focus control is strong and slow but fluid. Convenient for keeping the taking lens on infinity and control the focus with the rangefinder. When doing the focus, the moving part on this lens is external. When put on infinity, the lense is at it’s minimum and can grow to almost a centimeter at near/0,5 focus (see pictures).
Weight : 262 grams


Rangefinder :
SLR Magic Rangefinder
Very good working condition, no scratch on the glass nor the body. No dust.
The Rangefinder body is made of strong metal and the focus ring of good quality plasic. Note this is the unmarked version of the brand.
The focus goes from “Normal” to “Near”. Like the Helios taking lens its moving part are external. Therefore the rangefinder extend to a maximum of almost a centimeter from Normal (no expansion) to Near (maximum expansion). The focus is smooth and easy but not loose. The focus run is about 270°.
82mm front filter thread 72mm back filter thread.
Weight : 396grams



The Full Set :
Price : 1350€ + shipping delivery at your cost
Payement method : paypal
Set Location : France
Note : This is a “ready to run” vintage anamorphic set if you are shooting with a M42 mount or if you have a M42 adaptator to your camera. As written earlier, if you are shooting on EOS mount I can provide a M42 to EOS silver adapator for a few euro more (not included in price above).

The whole set weight 895 grames and is about 14cm height at it’s maxim extension (rangefider at “Near” position). It is 13cm height at it’s minimum which matches the height of a modern 35mm lense.
Althought some might find it heavy it feels and is very robust with no moving, loose or wambling part.
All the threads and filters matches their back/front connected part, therefore you won’t need any clamp nor spacer to make it work.
Netherless as the baby anamorphic sticks out of the back of the Metal jacket, if at some point you would want to change the taking lens, redstan itself recomands to add a few 52mm spacers between the Metal jacket back thread and your taking lens. In order to prevent any damage to your beloved taking lens. No need of spacers for this set up.

If you followed this post all along, thank you for reading. This was not a short post. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question concerning this set or a part of it. Though I’m not a great technicien I’ll do my best to give you the best answer possible.





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