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Canon C100: Issue with duplicate recording


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Hi all,


I've owned a C100 for a few months now and love it! I recently shot a conference and noticed something very peculiar:


Once I offloaded all my footage into Premiere Pro I noticed that for many clips it had recorded the same clip up to 4 times in a row, with different names (i.e. the same clip would end up being 00002.MTS, 00003.MTS, 00004.MTS, 00005.MTS). Naturally this ate up the memory on my SD cards fast. These duplicate clips were on the same SD card, not duplicates created on the card in the second slot.


To confirm I did NOT have dual slot recording on, I did activate relay recording so that it would switch automatically to the next card if need be.


Any thoughts as to what might be going on??


Thank you!



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