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Panasonic S5 'vertical' video when shooting held portrait, very annoying. Can be turned off?


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Hey folks. I'm new here, I've been a troll before but never posted.

  Basically I've been scouring the internet for answers to this simple question. The S5 is relatively new so there's not a lot more than "reviews". So I'm shooting a short at home and shooting some very close up details and such, sometimes with the camera almost tilted facing downward (at a flat surface) at odd angles. I import footage to edit and I see that the camera has used probably whatever fancy leveler to see that it was held as "portrait" so it makes my actual clips into 2160x3840 rather than the other way. Even in Premiere those clips are then completely vertical resolution and it's a pita to flip them back, etc (proxies won't render right, etc.)

   Does anyone have any idea how and if I can turn this off or what that might be called? I do a fair amount of strange inserts and even stop motion with dragonframe using this and I had no idea there was a ridiculous "youtube vlogger" mode that I can't turn off if it senses that it's more vertical than horizontal. It's not a huge deal but it can be very annoying when you don't intend that. There's no screen indicator that warns this or anything, it's very frustrating.


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