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dead samsung nx1


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maybe you can help

my samsung nx1 is dead...

The camera has stopped working. Only computer charging of the battery works. The motherboard does not respond to the connection with the computer. The computer does not recognize the camera. By turning it on, it charges the battery all the time. The screen shows nothing. No lamps are on. Only the battery charging icon is visible. It also looks like the motherboard is not getting power despite the camera charging the battery. It looks like the motherboard is faulty. The screen and electronic preview do not turn on, no connection to the computer. I am asking for help ... best regards

i'm looking nx1 in good price....maybe

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Good luck - the same thing happened to me a few months ago with the same symptoms you're describing (dead camera, only the battery icon would show when powered on, everything else unresponsive)

I was told the power circuit is likely bad and would have to be replaced but when the repair shop got the camera the bad power circuit had also caused a short in the main board and that would have to be replaced as well. For the cost I paid for the repair you could probably find a decent used replacement. I just couldn't let me beloved NX1 die so I paid for the repair.

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