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Unsure about what editing machine to upgrade to. Help!!!


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Hi all

Just a quick one. I've recently made the move from canon to Bmpcc.

Last Saturday I captured some footage during photoshoot one of my friends was conduction.

Ok, I've got my workflow sorted but Holy Crap!!!!!! It's Slloooowwwwww

What' spec machines do you all use.

I was thinking about buying this but as I have no definite guide, I'm reluctant to go buy something that may also be slow.

Currently on an iMac, i5, 16gb ram, etc etc, run of the mill, nothing special. I'm happy to move to a PC, just need to know what to aim for to get an acceptable render speed and not financially ruin myself at the same time.


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Well, you're probably not going to edit in resolve (though I believe the new version is somewhat of an NLE, too), so you should choose according to your post workflow.


Premiere is available for both Mac and PC, and the Suite (now called CC) includes Speedgrade, After Effects, Media Encoder, etc.

If you go the Adobe way, a nice GPU is key: stick to Nvidia (Mac usually comes with ATI cards and the range of Nvidias available for Mac is short). Any GTX with more than 1GB of RAM will work, but a higher end card will mean a big difference. GTX 660, 680, 760 or 780 depending on your budget (660 is less than 200$) or combine two identical cards in SLI.


Get a Core i7. Core i5 is the minimum quadcore. You'll see the difference in more CPU intensive programs such as After Effects.

16GB is also the minimum I'd recommend: 32 GB would be more like it.

Add a nice Asus motherboard, a premium brand 750W-1000W PSU, a 500GB SSD (Samsung's EVO 840 work great), some media HDs and a nice large case from Corsair and you can get a very decent editing station for about 1500$.

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