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Let's get serious on frames per second. ¿How about 70 trillion fps?

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New Ultrafast Camera Takes 70 Trillion Pictures Per Second



A team of researchers at Caltech have developed (yet another) camera capable of capturing over a trillion images every second. The previous “world’s fastest camera” could shoot 10 trillion fps; the new camera can capture up to 70 trillion, smashing the previous record.

For those who enjoy back-of-the-napkin math, the speed of light is (just under) 300 billion millimeters per second. Now, take 70 trillion frames/s and divide it by 300 billion mm/s, and you get ~233.3 frames for every millimeter the light travels. Put another way: this camera can capture about 230 frames in the time it takes light itself to move one millimeter.

The link above contains an example of the "footage". 
A couple of more comprehensible examples from a previous iteration of the camera here (https://www.caltech.edu/about/news/ultrafast-camera-takes-1-trillion-frames-second-transparent-objects-and-phenomena):

A shockwave created by a laser striking water propagates in slow motion, as captured by a new ultrafast photography technology.


A pulse of laser light travels through a crystal in slow motion, as captured by a new ultrafast photography technology.


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