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Hollywood has a long history of putting the heroic star on apple boxes and others walking in trenches too.  I think that article, and that website, might also be giving Stallone an extra inch as I know multiple folks who have seen him in candid scenarios around town in LA and he wasn't looking 5'9" by any stretch (pun intended).


Tom Cruise is likely never out in public without lifts.  There was a lot of height augmentation going on below camera on Interview With the Vampire because both Cruise and Banderas are noticeably smaller than Brad Pitt, who's a reported 5'9" or 5'10" and you can see his relative size and height compared to (reported) 6' David Duchoveny in Kalifornia, even though some online sources have Pitt at 5'11".  You can't really trust online sources.  Any of them.  It's in an actor's best interest to project an image of being taller.  


Being a smaller guy I take great pleasure finding out a particular actor isn't as tall as they're made to appear in film and, in my experience, there's a lot of us shorter guys in Hollywood than folks have been lead to believe, by the images at least.


A friend of mine who's 5'11" nearly ran over Vin Diesel coming around a corner at the Universal lot and his reported 6' appears to be a lie.  He was surprisingly short but with a giant head, according to my friend.  I was surprised to see the same thing one day walking by a CSI shoot and seeing George Eads, who's no 5'11" but he does have a gigantic head.


Head proportion seems to have a huge impact on both perceived height (or how it can be manipulated) as well as how someone photographs and appears on camera which can sometimes be incredibly different than how they appear by eye.

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