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GH3 for sports video, no post processing


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Hi first post here, I've been reviewing alot of posts here, very impressed with the amount of knowledge and help provided.

I'm starting to use my GH3 for video, specifically for my boys sports. Football at the moment and I don't have time to post process due to coaches needing video asap to study etc. Anyway, I'm curious if anybody has any suggestions as to best settings so as to provide best looking video straight from camera? I'm very accomplished at still photography, used to be a professional but this video stuff is giving me a headache and I've no idea how to set camera properly.


Any help would be welcome. Thank you.



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If they are using the footage to study, you probably want highest fps and resolution, which would be MOV 1920p 60p.  That's 50Mb/s which means the file sizes will be huge.  You will see a higher bitrate All-I 72Mb/s option, but that will be disadvantageous if you aren't post processing.  You'll probably need a 64GB Class 10 card with UHS-1 support.  If you smaller files, there are plenty of options for the MP4 or AVCHD container/codec.


Rule of thumb is to have shutter at double the frames per second.  So if you are shooting 25p, you should have the shutter set at 1/50s.  So for 60p, 1/120s should be the shutter.


Focus mode AFC is better than AFS because it needs continuous active focus.


Probably tripod is your best bet.  If you are doing handheld, unlike shooting photos where you are trying to square up and be immobile like a rock, you should have your elbows away from your body for stabilization while moving.  Try moving your entire body for tilting and panning rather than just your arms.


An image stabilized lens is a must.


If you were doing post processing, you should have set sharpness, contrast to -4 and -3, but since you don't want to post 0 would probably be fine.  You will probably find saturation at 0 is still over-saturated so start with -3 and adjust accordingly.

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The 720p/60fps mode (on the GH1 and GH2 it's 'SHD' in the 'manual movie mode, not sure exactly how it is on the GH3) will be more than enough for you. Our cameras can't do the ideal shutter speed for 180* shutter angle of 1/120, 1/125 is the closest and is perfectly fine. Having said that, a faster shutter speed if necessary for exposure may not be a bad thing for your use case.


Definitely second Michael's suggestions of tripod, continuous autofocus and a stabilized lens. The Panny 14-140 will probably be good enough, unless you're up in the stands or something, then the 45-200 or another tele-zoom will be better.


Are you going to be editing these or is it basically just game tape for study?

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Thanks for your help guys. So if I'm not doing any post processing due to lack of time etc. I'm pretty much looking at keeping settings at close to 0 so as to provide a good representation of the games. I wish i had more time to play around with some post processing, I'll have to wait for some other activity to do so. Thanks again.

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