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C / Y Metabones + M42 and Anamorphic


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I have a couple metabones adapters for my GH4, but was considering getting a C/Y Metabones Ultra (.71x) adapter for the GH5 and anamorphic.  Why?

1) It gives you access to some fantastic Contax Zeiss glass.

2) An inexpensive M42 adapter on the C/Y metabones might well give you access to CZJ and Pentax primes (of which I have a number: 35mm Flektogon 2.4 and Super Takumars especially)

3) M42 to C/Y adapters take advantage of the fact that there's only a .01mm registration distance difference between them.  The M42 adapter usually sinks the M42 lens into the mount very slightly to fix this, but ...

4) Is there enough latitude on the metabones ultra front glass to allow this?

5) Has anyone tried metabones-adapted 35mm glass as the taking lens on Bolex 32/16 or Sankor 16D anamorphic glass for vignetting? On the GH5?

Thanks... good luck on you projects.

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