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Finding Inspiration, and Force of Personality to Engage an Audience


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As far as I understand it, there are two aspects of filmmaking. Creating beautiful imagery, and telling a story. 

I love the first one, and why I chose the BMPCC to be my new camera. 12-bit RAW at 3:1 compression. I've ordered cheap filters to learn with and accommodate for the camera's weaknesses. Some of you have seen my F3 work, while not the best, I enjoyed maneuvering the camera and wrangling every bit of detail out of the image in Resolve. 

I also love telling stories, but always find myself at a loss. I honestly don't have stories to tell, or an opinion to spread. When I lead my DnD group, I must have a pre-generated story, though I can edit and change the story to what my players need.  I'm a person who goes on a hike, and instead of collecting interesting stories/sights along the way, just sits down and enjoys the weather (rain especially) for an hour before continuing. My only projects to this day are simply (or complicated-like) collecting others' stories via interviews or narrative work. 

Some work I am emulating whenever I can get out: 

Mr. Ben Brown: http://bit.ly/2exHb3G (I like how even though there's not a obvious story, you're still engaged in the beauty the entire time)

Tested Arctic - A Short Film: http://bit.ly/2wCc9mg (This is closer to what I'd love to do. Solid, beautiful images, but with a story and ending on an opinion.)

So the question of this whole post:

What do you personally do to find inspiration, or bolster a story that should be told? What is your process? I am not asking for an idea to fix my problem, but I'd love to learn from your experiences, and perhaps figure this matter out though the conversation. 

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