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Iscorama re-lubricating and close focus mod


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Hello, I'm about to modify my Iscorama(original) for close focus. I saw the instructions in another post, and it seems pretty straight forward, but I was wondering if anyone had pictures of this process, just in case?


I was also wondering if anyone has any ideas for a new stop, so the front doesn't accidentally screw off? I guess I could use the follow focus gear to stop the rotating, but it would be nice to not have to rely on the gear, since I won't always have a follow focus attached. 


One more thing... the focus ring on my lens is a little stiff for the follow focus, so I'd like to re-lubricate it. Can I do this when I do the modification? Can someone give me instructions on the process, and what type of grease I should use? I'd like it to rotate very easily. 


Thanks a lot for your help!

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