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Hacked GH2 for weddings??


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Hey everyone,
So im in the hunt for a new camera. I currently own a t2i with some glass and i usually rent my 2nd camera for weddings/events. Now that i have some built up funds im looking for another camera.

I've been looking around and i've noticed that the Hacked GH2 looks extremely sharp.

I was wondering if anyone has used it for weddings and how they like it..

I've also been thinking about waiting to see if the 5d mark ii comes down in price when they announce the new camera.

Let me know guys!

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The GH2 is an amazing tool, I went from T2i to 2nd camera GH2 and I'm very happy with my purchase.

That said, there is a lot to consider in your particular situation. A hacked GH2 is (as you mentioned) very, very sharp in comparison to aliased Canon footage. The other side of this coin is that people don't necessarily look as attractive as they would right out of the camera in your t2i.

In my experience, hacked GH2 footage requires coloring and a little bit of getting to know the camera before people look as appealing as they do in the Canon right out of the camera. There is a Canon look and the 5D Mark II is still top notch in terms of getting the "nicest" picture with the least amount of work.

Other considerations:

- the flip up LCD screen vs. your static screen is a big plus. The EVF is also quite useful in this aspect.

- the glass you own. If you have a lot of Canon glass without a manual aperture ring, having to shove the lens back in a
Canon to open aperture is a real pain. Unless you have an arsenal of manual glass (Samyang 35 is a work horse!), its going to be a hellish workflow in the wedding world.

- The wedding videography world is a depth of field frenzy these days. It's easier to get shallow DOF on a crop or FF sensor. Reverse here is that its also much easier to focus on your subject when they don't blur at the drop of a dime. The magnified crop is nowhere near as much of a pain as I thought btw.

- GH2 black and white modes are incredible. B&W smooth turns out really stunning footage and you can take it to a really absurd level with the ISO hack. This is only a specific look but it is a nifty trick I would probably use if I filmed weddings.

- The price of an increased bit rate. I use Quantum 100 (high but not highest quality) - it gives me about 40 minutes on a 32GB card. To have it span (meaning not stop after file size reached 4.2gb) I had to replace my memory cards with Sandisk Class 10 and above cards. Unless you already have fancy memory cards or you intend to only hack with one of the smaller bit rate hacks, be prepared to spend at least 200 dollars on new cards.

I film corporate work, music videos and other applications where I have some time to set up my shots. I wanted something with a notable increase in quality from the Canon and I really got it. Resolution and motion on low-GOP hacks is just outstanding and graded footage can really go toe to toe with much more expensive cameras.

In your line of work, I would consider that you can currently get a Mark II for 17 to 1800 on eBay. I can't see the price dropping much further past that. Even with limited budgets, that's a pretty good investment both for your line of work and for future resale value.

Good luck!
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