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S&Q FS700 Questions - for FS700 users...

Scott Goldberg

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Which shutter speed would one use if they have S&Q slow motion in 1080 / 24 frames per second mode (instead of 30 frames per second)? I see there are a few shutter speeds to choose from when in the S&Q setting of the FS700 including, 1, 15, 30 and 60. Usually it's best to double the frame rate... would doing 24 fps at 60 make the visual not look right? Anyone have experience with shooting 24fps at 60 fps?  This confuses me because it's always the best bet to double your frame rate (not a must, but it's best to). I just want the footage to match the same frame rate as the rest of my project which is regular motion 24 fps at 48 shutter speed.
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