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Final Cut Pro X Question

Scott Goldberg

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Bought a 16 gig RAM iMac and have not yet downloaded FCP X on it, but am going to and my question is: If I upload a few sample footage and edit and fool around with filters, etc, is there any way to clean it all up? These are test shoots and I don't want the files sticking around or filling up any hard-drive memory.... Any thoughts on this and how to ensure that it doesn't do this, and if so, is it easy to delete the files? I don't have an external hard drive, etc yet but will this Spring. I'm doing test shoots now to just do some color grading tests, etc and then come next week I'm deleting all the footage and don't want it to eat up my space on my computer...

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Superb introduction to the - from the start! - very, very crucial background of FCP Xs media organization. Check everything about the tagging options in the event browser before you perform a single cut. You are doing tests still, but the sooner you rely on these tools, the better you will handle thousands of clips when the going gets tough. 



When Final Cut Pro Ten launches, it immediately scans all your discs for events and projects ...


... and there are, as I see it, a bunch of very good reasons to tell FCP X in advance what to look for. Eventmanager X can do this for you. The price is $4,99, you check the box with the event and project you want to work with, and let the tiny programm start FCP X. Faster launch, more real estate on the screen, tidy.

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