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Question about ISO on FS700 and Noise?

Scott Goldberg

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"A lot of people make the mistake of thinking low ISO means low noise. Low ISO means the noise starts showing up further into the shadows, but if your image is darker because you are using a too low an ISO, it will still have more noise. In most cases with cameras with hardware gain like the FS700, for example if you use 1stop higher ISO, your whole signal will be boosted by one stop and your noise might start showing up half a stop higher in the shadows, but that means you may have brought 1/2 a stop of your shadows out of the noise. This is a bit of a simplistic description, but you get the idea. The actual tradeoff will depend on the design of the sensor, but for hardware gain (up to a certain point, and some other cameras use software gain past that point) increasing ISO will usually give you less noise for the same scene, right up to the point when its too high an exposure and you have to stop increasing ISO to save your highlights.

Really high ISOs are noisier because they are used to shoot scenes with very low lighting. Noise is worst when you have too little light or when you underexpose your images, but those are not the same thing, since you can have too little light, but you will only make the situation worse by shooting at a very low exposure by setting too low of an ISO value. This is why we have ISO/gain..."




I saw that posting on a board and it raised some questions....


Let's say I'm shooting on a cloudy day (exteriors only) and I put my ISO from 500 up lets say 1000, and I put the ND filters down, will I have less noise than if I shoot with the 500 ISO? Thoughts?

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