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Picture Profile/Cinegamma Question for Cloudy/Overcast Days

Scott Goldberg

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I'm working out my Picture Profiles for my feature and I had a few questions:


Which Cinegamma is best for cloudy days, and alongside the best Cinegamma for cloudy/overcast days, what are the best settings after selection Cinegamma for the best, least noise visuals? Obviously shooting in overcast, against darker colors like black, grays, buildings, grays, etc I'd like to have the least amount of video noise/grain, so I'd like to know what settings such as black level, gamma, knee, color mode, color level, color phase, etc are best for least to little to no noise?


I ask this because I am doing out of state shoots (8 hours away) for a documentary segment which will be on cloudy/overcast days (for that dark, brooding atmospheric feeling) next weekend and I wanted to really get the best picture profile that I can for an over-cast/cloudy day.


I will say that I like the flat profile look for color grading (most dynamic range), but perhaps there's a better option that I don't know about that someone can answer for me?

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To reiterate: I'm looking to make a Picture Profile that has great dynamic range, is broadcast quality safe, where it doesn't bleed on colors, least amount of noise (I notice using some Cinegamma's change the ISO to 640, which is fine) and which is best for overcast / cloudy days? (obviously with cloudy days, the dark colors can create more noise potentially in dark greens, reds, etc and I want to make sure to create a profile that lessens those issues as I had listed above).


I have the current PP's: Neutral Profile to match F3, Alister Champman's Dynamic Range setting, nLog v1.1. I'm in need of an overcast one as mentioned in the upper paragraph...


Any help is appreciated.

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