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$30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)

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I recommend this app too.  Used it on my GH4 and G85.  Works really well and I really like the squeeze options.  Just a few notes:

- I like to change focus for AF using the touch screen.  However the screen goes into sleep mode after 10 seconds, and if I touch the screen it says "camera is under remote control".  So I have to go into the Panasonic Image App to change focus on the fly.

- G7 workaround is good for G85 and works well.

- very little lag

- for manual focusing especially with 2x anamorphics, using focus punch-in BEFORE recording also punches in the image on the app

- very good for handheld gimbal use.  So not just for anamorphic squeeze.  I'll take some pics of my setup later.

Although I thought it was pricey at first, this is a real great app.  Now I can use my iPhone 6s Plus or iPad Mini2 for a monitor and it works really well.  I'm used to my SmallHD DP4 with custom squeeze ratio, but this app is a way better solution.  Plus I can now record 4:3 anamorphic with monitoring and larger internal recording size.  I had to rent an Atomos Shogun before to monitor (and of course external recording) and it's also a hassle for all the wires and rigging.  This is a much simpler solution and easier for run-n-gun or mobile solutions.  Thank you Mjas for this great app!!!

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Does it work while GH4 is on 4:3 anamorphic mode ? And does it work when you hit the record button while on Anamorphic 4:3 mode?

Can you please demonstrate that with a video ? Sorry to be sceptical but I already bought 2 field monitors that promised Anamorphic desqueeze which failed miserably during recording.

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I am interested in this app and would like an update on upcoming features. Another addition that would be great is overlays for cropping or whatever. I'd love to be able to add custom overlays for some of the 3D work I do.

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Just an update on using this app:

- It gets the video feed from the Panasonic App.  So you can shoot 4:3 and 16:9 no problems.  Then it stretches the image.

- This is both good and bad.  The Panasonic App image is like 480p.  This can make focusing a real pain.  I wish it was 720p at least.  I have missed many shots because of this.

- Working 4:3 on an iPad mini is really great.  Like having a 7" monitor, maybe bigger.  But the 480p image sucks though.  Works well if shooting regular (non-anamorphic) video.

- There is sometimes a severe lag when starting recording.  It can be up to 5 seconds.  So if you like to record items right away, the lag can be a problem.  Also, it's a wifi connection, so the signal will cut out a lot in high traffic areas.

- The rear LCD on the G85 or GH4 will shut off after 1-2 minutes.  That means that you can't select focus points, or any touch screen functions at all.  So you need to switch to the Panasonic App to change settings while recording.

- Overlays would be really helpful and I hope he can do something with it.  However, it is a simple app that gets its feed from the Panasonic App.  I don't think he can put an overlay.  The other thing that would be good is a histogram.  With the rear LCD shutting off, you lose the ability to watch the histogram as well. (Panasonic App doesn't show the histogram either).

I think for run-n-gun, the app works well.  But for serious work, I think an external monitor solution is still best.  The worst part is the video feed at 480p.  It just doesn't work for serious focus needs.  But the ability to use an iPad mini or iPhone 7s means that you can have a great monitoring solution on the go.

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