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White Balance Card - versus - White Balance Filter


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Those things could be handy when all the light coming from everywhere is the same color - like outdoors and not in the shade, or all in the shade, or in a tungsten-only room. But in most cases, it seems you're balancing to a specific fixture or spot and you put the card where the subject will be. But it wouldn't be bad to have in your kit, I'm sure there are times you'd realize it's just the thing. For the price it's not gonna kill you to see how it fits with your sort of day, you may find you use ti all the time. hazy day outdoors when the light is really uniform, that sort of thing.

I was cleaning out a box of glass photo filters from the film days - I only shoot B&W film now - and had a bunch of 77mm color correcting filters. I stuck an 82A (really mild cooling filter) in the case with my 4x4's and so on. I don't shoot through it, but I white balance through it really often - just hold it in front of the matte box when I hit the button. Pushes the balance just a tad warmer, like adding 1/8 CTO to your lights. Really nice with daylight fixtures to give them some warmth. Kind of an example of "ya never know", y'know?

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