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Grading GH / A-series footage to look like NX1?


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Hi guys,

Is there any surefire way to grade GH or Sony A Series footage to look exactly (or 99%) like NX1's default colors all the time, without manual fiddling of 3-way correctors and stuff? 

On another unrelated note, I'd also like to ask: what is the best consumer-level (<3k) camera that has the BEST 60p or 120p footage? 

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there's probably no magic fix like that. Canon is in the same ballpark as nx1 colors. that might be easier to look for, since everyone wants their sony to look like canon. I saw a thread on matching the a7s to the 5d in another forum with some interesting tips, though I can't find it anymore, and taking out green from the sony is the only thing I remember..

Andrew's gh4 log + 1dc lut could get colors a lot closer to where you want them.

is it about matching them for one shoot? or you just like the nx1's look and want your other camera to pass as one? there are rec709 luts perfect for either camera to get you a pleasing look especially if you'll be shooting in log


recent thread with similar topic for your other request - 

nx1, rx10ii/rx100iv, used fs700, bmmcc, and d750 are probably my top picks

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