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Monitoring solutions for the NX1

Calum MacPhail

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Hey guys,

Had a wee search and couldn't find any specific threads for this, so I thought I'd start a discussion and see what information other owners have.

I'm looking for a compatible monitor for my NX1, currently I use it as a B-Cam to my C100 and fancy a larger screen for monitoring purposes.

I currently own an Atomos Ninja Blade, but myself and many others seem unable to get it working with the NX1. Unfortunate as it would be nice to have a 1080P recording straight from the camera, rather than transcoding the h.265, but I use it primarily with my C100 so no major stress.

I'd potentially look at something like the Ninja Assassin, I believe Andrew did some tests with it and got it working with the NX1. However I'm not in desperate need for another recorder just now, so I just wondered what monitors people are using with it in the 7 inches and under range?

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I got the Aputure VS-2 FineHD. It's 7" 1920x1200, which was important to me because I found monitors with resolution less than that don't deal with the 4k well and give you inaccurate focus peaking. So far, the focus peaking on this monitor seems about as accurate as focus peaking on the camera. The monitor also has false color which is a huge help. Full specs:


The monitor comes with it's own case, sun shade, arm, bunch of cables, etc. so that was nice.

My only gripe about the monitor is that the sunshade attachment straps were sewn on in such a way that they cover the edges of the viewable area of the screen.

Look up reviews, they're all pretty positive. And don't pay more than $279 for it.

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