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Rectilux-BOLEX-MOLLER 16-32 x1.5 - RARE !!!


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Rectilux-BOLEX-MOLLER 16-32 x1.5…VERY RARE !!!

Combo Rectilux / BOLEX MOLLER-16-32 x1.5
So far the best way to get a true anamorphic ratio for the Cinemascope (2:66), without the constraints of a double focus.
Your lens remains over the infinite and the Focuses only with Rectilux without adding diopter ring.
The flares and especially the depth of field are magical, natural, impossible to replicate in post-production. You get a spectacular cinema image.

The Bolex-Moller is of high quality (superior to Lomos, and other Iscoramas Letus or SLR Magic ...).
All connoisseurs know that the Bolex-Moller is a benchmark of quality ... the x1.5 16-32 is now highly sought after. It becomes very, very rare!!
Ours is in immaculate condition, with no trace of wear, no dust or fungus.
Comes installed, went with the Rectilux.

The Rectilux is like new, (referenced / number "7") to which was added a 0.8 gear ring for your follow focus.
A tube of grease (Facom), new is offered.

An ideal solution combining a fluid manipulation tool, robust and quality, with an anamorphic optical reference, for an inimitable results in post-production.

PRICE: 2200 €
(+ 30 € for UPS shipping)

Payment by bank transfer preferred. Paypal accepted.

Our HD PHOTOS on request.

- - - FIRM PRICE - - -

Contacts: koemzoprod@wanadoo.fr or 06 09 98 92 45

(we are located in France / Europe)

Few examples :











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