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  1. This was shot in Hiroshima over a couple of days in 2016. I'd just gotten the BM Micro Cinema Camera and I wanted to give the camera a good shakedown, and I thought a personal project was a nice way to do that. I shot a lot on the Tokina 11-16 with the BMPCC speedbooster, and various Nikon primes. I tried to lock in down in sticks where I could, since I hadn't really worked out how to rig it for handheld at the time, and since I was travelling I didn't have all my parts with me to franken rig it as I was shooting, so the hand held stuff (particularly in the car) is pretty messy. I struggled with moire like crazy, I only had a Tiffen IRND with me and it wasn't always enough ND so I was stopping down for some of those outdoor shots, which really amped up the moire. I managed to tone down the worse of it, but an AA filter is a must with this camera if you intend to take it outside. I shot it in Prores LT, edited in Premiere Pro and graded in Resolve. Some of the night shots needed noise reduction, but mostly to remove the colour noise -- I actually like the structure of the noise, just not that keen on red and blue ants crawling all over the screen. Neat Video does a good job of removing chrominance noise while leaving the luminance noise, and it blends nicely with a little bit of grain using Filmconvert. Hope you enjoy the film, love to hear what you think! -- Daisaku & Takae have run their local grocery store in the hills of Hiroshima together for the last 53 years. In that time they have seen huge changes in their neighbourhood, and profound changes in the way local people shop for essentials. From humble beginnings selling cigarettes from a window in their family home to a bustling grocery store that served their community, they have seen and felt the rise of supermarkets and convenience stores and the impact that has had on their livelihood. Here they tell their story of how it started, what keeps them working, and what they will do when they finally retire. CREDITS Direction/DOP/Sound/Edit/Grade by John Kung Translation and Interview by Iku Motonaga Very special thanks to Daisaku and Takae for their generous telling of their story.
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