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  1. Hello all, I am new here and am looking for some help from experienced videographers. I have experience shooting stills for about 3-4 years now, but this year I have started doing a lot of video work and had surprising success. It started with a friend wanting me to shoot a wedding video for her and now it has turned into an almost every weekend gig. I think that with more practice/learning It could develop into a full time profession that I love. I need help with budgeting money and getting your advice on what equipment I should most intelligently choose to purchase/upgrade. I'll start by telling you what I currently own and I would like input on what my next step should be and why. I will give a budget that I am looking to spend. Currently own: Canon 5D Mark II (With Perfect LCDVF) Canon T1i w/ kit lens (I am going to sell this and put money towards new body) Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Monopod Canon 50mm 1.4 Canon 50mm 1.8 Rode Videomic Zoom H1 I also have access to use Canon 70-200mm f/ 2.8, and Canon 16-35mm f/ 2.8. Everything else I rent. What I am thinking about purchasing: Canon 60D Canon 7D Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Panasonic Lumix GH2 (for hack) Panasonic Lumix GH3 What it will be used for: Wedding Highlight Reels Music Videos Short EPK work for Musicians A documentary about my hometown starting next summer What I need from my new upgrade: 60 fps (preferrably @ 1080p) Very sharp IQ (I can get lowlight and DOF out of my 5D Mark II) Easy profile for grading in post (This is what I need most help on, my grading skills) Budget: $1500 I know lighting/location/style have alot to do with it, but which sensor of the 5 listed above gives the most cinematic look? BMPCC? I have been extremely impressed with what I have seen out of the GH series. Keep in mind Lenses and Rigs will be a priority too. I can continue renting lenses if I go for a more expensive body, or I could get a used GH2 and buy good cinema glass. So if it were your decision and you needed a second body used PRIMARILY for video. How would you use your money? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from this community.
  2. Hello all, i have been doing wildlife / birding photography for a few years now and i have always wanted to experiment with video and install magic lantern on my 5D II but have never gone ahead and done it, but i just picked up the 50D because of the possibilites of the raw video recording (and i needed to replace my old and beaten up 40D).    Anyways i really would love to get into film making, especially wildlife filming, but i don't know ANYTHING about the basics of filming.  I am wondering if there is a good guide anywhere out there.  I will be using the 5D II or 50D (preferably the 50D because i use the 5D II for photography jobs).     Also does anyone have any good videos of nature or wildlife videos?  I'm guessing landscape shots can make a popular subject, is anyone doing wildlife or birds?  
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