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  1. So Andrew's article showed up on my feed and the title really confused me. Going backwards? felt the R6 was amazing so clearly we had different opinions. But I figured I would read the full article. Now I understand why Andrew felt the way he did. I may be stating the obvious here but reading other people's comments, I didn't see anyone really stating the following. In summary the R6 is really more a still photographer's camera. Not a camera that should be used for video even though it has the option. Kinda like saying I have a Subaru Outback for my daily and once in a while I might go off-road because it's capable, but is nothing like a Landrover. I am and have always been more of a traditional photographer, not a videographer. From my perspective and use scenarios, the R6 has been nothing but Amazing...Canon still at their finest. When you are taking photos, you won't be switching back an forth from video to photo so the top LCD screen is not necessary. The dial is all you need and actually works better. I for one usually have mine on manual the whole time and once in a while I may need to switch to Av or Tv but M is what I use 99% of the time. When I had my R, same thing. but switching on the R required me looking at the screen and hitting a few buttons while with the R6, I can click the dial and with memory, know what it's on depending on how many clicks. There are many other features Andrew complained about but again, from a photographer's perspective, the R6 is all I need. My friend who is a Videographer, he and I bought the R at the same time. He went to the R5 afterwards, while I went to the R6. The thing here is I can borrow his camera to do things I need to do but doesn't work the other way around. My friend used to rent the C300MK3 for all his video needs but he was hoping the R5 would do most of what he needed and so far it has. Unfortunately, he recently got his hands on the C70 and nearly wet his pants so he will likely sell his three R5's that he currently has for maybe two C70's once he can get them. maybe still keep one R5 as a backup or when I come by because he needs my expertise. So long rant (not so) short, R5 is better anyway for an all-rounder camera but in the end, these camera's are still designed to be a still photo camera first and video camera 2nd. I think if you want the best of both worlds, the Sony seems to have a slight edge but I continue to stick with canon for their amazing lens. One day, i'll probably get into video too but for now, I continue to do only still photos...The new R3 sounds like a beast of a camera that will further fit my needs too.. I don't need it but boy does it sound fun to own. My original R.... that's now turned into a glorified webcam. LOL.
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