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  1. So we are talking about an IBIS which is supposed to stabilize an image but actually brings wobble, so you need to turn it OFF and use a gimbal to have steady smooth shots? What's the point of IBIS then? What about handheld shots? I'm sorry I can't agree on this especially when the competitors have a usable IBIS feature that you actually don't need to turn off when shooting video, and on the contrary help stabilizing the shots as they are intended to. Youtube is full of these wobbling videos. That's a real issue in my view. Even my 12 Pro Max iPhone has IBIS and it is working allright
  2. Well the thing is all reports of wobbling are specific about problems with focal length below 24mm, such as 16mm… sure you won’t have this problem with a 24-105mm, especially that most of these shots are “still” without any kind of movements
  3. Right about time limit and overheating. On the contrary Wobbling seems to happen with RF IS lenses such as RF 15-35. You’re frightening me now talking about the EF 16-35 as it would be the main lens I’d use shooting wide run & gun… Which lens do you use?
  4. I saw some reports about some “wobbling” issues with the image stabilization… Many YouTube’s videos about it. Do you have this issue? I also saw a recording time limit (apart from overheating) of 29:59 whereas the Sony’s don’t have time limits. Also I understand Andrew Reid here sold his and is still totally against it (I understand because of overheating but don’t know what he thinks beyond that) i think these are the 3 main points still refraining me though
  5. Wow Thanks! Now I'm having a hard time deciding between the Canon R5 and the Sony A1. 🙂 Considering buying the ninja V+ and a bunch of lenses and accessories up to 15000 bucks, I've come to the exact same estimated price if it buy either one for similar combos. Any decisive point between one and the other?
  6. Thanks! Do you have a picture of that cable holder?
  7. Great! So it looks like a better deal than the Sony Alpha 1
  8. Well I think the mini hdmi is totally out of the question for me, far too unreliable and prone to damage if i am not wrong. I have one question: with those mirrorless recording to an Atomos Ninja, do you anyway have to ALSO record internally to a card or can you record straight to the Ninja without a card inside the camera?
  9. Thanks! Yeah regarding the Komodo I thought it’d be easier to get say EF lenses on it than on the Sony (unless using Metabones) Color science on the Sony A1 seems to be updated with S-Cinetone, but I’d rather shoot raw (through external recorder) anyway What about the R5? How does it compare with A1 for videography?
  10. I Hi! Mostly indie narrative & commercial work. I work as a DP with RED & Alexa bodies on larger sets with crew but I’m looking for a lighter personal setup for side projects such as personal projects and/or videos for low-budget clients around. The photography features of the Sony Alpha does certainly look like a plus to me as a hobbyist but it will mainly be used for videography, on the other side Im a bit thrown off by the supposed lack of versatility of the e-Mount. I love RED codec but I just saw that atomos released and updated ninja with 8K external (ProRes) raw recording possibilities so it does makes the Sony with FF AF and IBIS look like an appealing option though.
  11. Hi! I'm in the market for a new camera. Can't decide between going for Sony Alpha 1 with Atomos 12 bit ProRes Raw recorder vs RED KOMODO The only thing that seems a drawback with Sony for me is the E-mount and no possibility to use EF or PL lenses, otherwise I think all the other features (AF, IBIS, Photography etc...) seem to be the better offer for me. A7SIII is NOT an option, please don't refer to it in your answers as I am not interested. I just CAN'T find any comparison online between the Sony A1 and the Red KOMODO. Anybody can help? Thanks in advance
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