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  1. Ah... A new model, barely more than a firmware upgrade, followed by something still to be developed, barely specified, to be delivered at some non-to-specific time in the medium to far future? Now, let me see... if video capabilities are important, I'd rather look at Blackmagic 6k Pro, available today, with internal BRAW recording, available today, two built in (mini)XLR with switchable Phantom 48V (or 3.5 mm lo-tech stereo) plus the ability to record onto any USB-C capable SSD with capacities in the 1-2TB range for very few hundred USD with 10GBit speed. Available today. No need for an external monitor or expensive external recorders from third parties with "distributed support obligations" if anything goes haywire ;-) Luckily, I already have a selection of Canon EF and EF-S glass, XLR pro microphones to the hilt etc. I only need a Smallrig cage plus an SSD holder. The built in tiltable screen is really nice (will do fine on the road as a one man band), and a full license to DaVinci Resolve is not bad either (especially if you're calling an M1 equipped computer your own already using the free version of Resolve for some tasks, beside FCPX). I'll keep my existing Panasonic gear for image only use, when I'm not preferring using my iPhone for less critical tasks (ProRAW is actually really good and surprisingly flexible in daily use), and concentrate my video work on the Blackmagic platform - investment ~USD 2.500 plus cage. Today. Rest is already owned. An up and coming GH6 model at some unspecified time in the future, with very little solid information on capabilities, does not deliver video today. Not even tomorrow, next week or next month, this summer, autumn or... or... maybe before Christmas this year, if luck stands by the dreamers. The GH6 may not even be worth the projected price, when - or IF - it ever is released to the enthusiasts filled with wishfull thinking and hopes of... of? Eh... white unicorns? PELEASE...! Panasonic is practicing simple FUD as frequently done by Microsoft et al. years if not decennia ago. Reagards
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