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  1. Latest spring photo. Got as close as I dared without causing it to fly away.


  2. @Andrew ReidIs done with V5 and is looking for beta testers. If you are interested holler
  3. Figured this would be a more specific section to post this to. Anyone got one?
  4. GURN

    V5 - Any ETA?

    Hey @Andrew Reid Did you do any matching with the S-Cinetone color profile?
  5. Spring is in full swing! Warming up, get out there and shoot!

  6. GURN

    V5 - Any ETA?

    @Andrew Reidi would love to!!!
  7. GURN

    V5 - Any ETA?

    Would be really cool.
  8. GURN

    Sony A7S III

    Andrew, Where is V5 at?!?!?!?!
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