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  1. Hey guys not sure what was going on but I did a reset in the software menu and it started working right away. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hello - This has to be something super stupid but I've messed with it enough that I need to ask. When I go into the menu for Audio (or button 13 for Audio Status -> Audio Settings) the audio input selection is greyed out. I'm getting no audio from either LINE with a XLR mic (using mini XLR to XLR adapter) OR from the 3.5mm mic (Rode VideoMic Pro). I tested the Rode on another camera and it works fine. When I am using the Rode I'm setting the camera hardware switch to MIC. I have tried Input 1 and Input 2. I feel like I have a setting in the menu somewhere that is disa
  3. Hello - I'm new to the cinema line of cameras. I have a EOS R and 1DX Mii. The colors are very flat for me and I'm sure it's something that I am doing wrong. I have tried the REC709 straight out of camera as well as CLOG2 and then importing into Final Cut Pro X and applying the built in CLOG2 LUT. I downloaded the OWL C70 color profile to see if that would help and same result. I'm not very good at color correction but I tried to push up the saturation and just not getting the desired results. Additionally, I'm getting more noise at 800 ISO than my 1DX Mii. I'm usi
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